You MUST Have An Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring!

Here’s Why…

If the oval cut diamond engagement ring were a kid in school, it would be the most popular one in class right now! Oval popularity has grown exponentially over the past year. With every designer’s advertisement lately, it seems that you can’t help but dream about Ovals. Women across the world, expecting to have the question popped soon have been dropping not so subtle hints to their fianc├ęs-to-be. Why the growing trend? Let’s learn a few things about the Oval cut diamond…


How do you get into the Jewelers International Hall of Fame? One way that worked for Lazare Kaplan was to invent the Oval cut diamond. The skill of diamond cutting was passed down through generations in his family. As a matter of fact his uncle, Abraham Tolkowsky, was the one who introduced the Ideal Cut diamond- the pinnacle of all cuts. Kaplan figured out how to take an otherwise thought worthless rough diamond and through his technique of cleaving was able to eliminate the imperfections, rendering many of the individual pieces flawless. In the midst of practicing this, he introduced the modern version known to us as the breathtaking Oval cut.


What do most of us want in anything we purchase? More bang for our buck… or in the case of diamonds… more flash for our cash, right?! Well, the Oval offers exactly that. The average 1 carat Oval diamond has a 10% larger surface area than an average 1 carat round diamond. In the industry, this is known as “spready”. By default then, Ovals have the appearance of being larger with the same carat weight.

Another great thing about Oval cut diamonds is the price. You can get the awesome advantage of looking bigger than a round cut diamond all the while paying less than you would for one of comparable carat weight. Who wouldn’t love that?

For the woman with shorter fingers, an Oval diamond engagement ring provides an elegant visual illusion making her fingers appear elongated. Very nice advantage when it’s time for those close-up shots of the ring to announce your engagement!


If a solitaire just isn’t your cup of tea, or you were still thinking about the “more flash for your cash” concept I mentioned earlier, consider this: the halo! It isn’t just for angels anymore! Ovals look incredible with a halo. Think back to Princess Di’s Oval sapphire with that stunning halo complimenting its glory. Halos can make your center diamond look, on average, about half a carat larger. Yes please!

You should definitely create your own oval cut engagement ring to get this beautiful creation on your finger now!

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