What Do Danish People Traditionally Wear on Christmas?

Christmas is a great event in Denmark and is welcomed with great pomp. Whether you have been invited for a Julefrokost (Christmas lunch) or visiting the beautiful Christmas town of Horsens, you would want a taste of Christmas traditional wear. From the country’s capital Copenhagen to Odense, the people of Denmark ensure they enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Fashion is part of the festive period. And online reviews platforms like reviewsbird.dk show that the country’s cold climate often influences Christmas attire in Denmark at the year’s end. Therefore, you would love to know what you can wear to stay with the country’s Christmas traditions. Here are a few ideas:

Nissehue (The elf hat)

Called Nissehue in Danish, the elf hat is culturally significant in Denmark. It symbolizes respect and signifies to others that you are fun and up for all the joys the season can offer. Children occasionally wear these hats, and most adults wear them during the festive periods.

Even at parties, elf hats are sure to be displayed as everyone feasts on Snaps and dishes containing pork and gelatin. The hats come in different colors, but most prefer red since it blends with the season’s theme. They are an essential part of Christmas clothing in Denmark.

Corporate dressing for Julefrokost

Julefrokost refers to family, colleagues, and friends throwing Christmas lunch parties. Such parties can be done among family members or involve larger groups. It can occur at any time, depending on the host. Julefrokost can take place at dinner time, and the host prepares the meal, while guests may come with Christmas presents as a token of appreciation for the invite.

For such parties, formal dresses are mostly worn. Therefore, men usually wear suits, while women wear colorful dresses. The host can also choose a dress code to which the guests are expected to adhere.

Dresses with Danish-inspired prints

Most brands try to use inspiration from Danish culture to produce Christmas attires for Danish citizens. These dresses mostly contain the heavy use of brighter colors like red and green. The dresses will feature bold patterns on the bodice, pleats, and patterns on the hands.

Dress like a Nisse

The Julenisse are elves known in Danish history to exist in farmhouses and help farmers improve their yields at night. Julenisse wears woolen clothes, red stockings, clogs, and red bonnets. They are rewarded with porridge or rice puddings on Christmas Eve.


If you have experienced Christmas in Denmark before, you will want to relieve such moments repeatedly. The Christmas period is always known to be a special event in most parts of the world, but it is specially celebrated in Denmark, with lots of effort going into decorations, gifts, food, drinks, and hosting parties in different places. Much effort also goes into appearances. And traditional Danish wear for Christmas is influenced by the cold weather. The above attires are traditional or culturally inspired wear for a Danish Christmas.

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