Tips for wearing your glasses confidently

5 Tips To Look Awesome Wearing Eye Glasses

Finding that balance between wearing your glasses comfortably and looking fashionable and confident is a bit difficult for most wearers of glasses. If you fall into this category, you cannot help but look yourself in the mirror time and again to see if you meet excelled on the confidence scale you have built in your mind. You may have tried to hide it from the world but the truth is that you are not 100% confident. However, if you follow this helpful guide, you do not have to worry about looking confident anytime you wear your glasses. Below are the tips:

Discard negative thoughts

A lot of us hinder ourselves from attaining 100% confidence by our thoughts. By simply switching your thoughts from negative to positive, you will be your most confident self. Not all professors, doctors, movie stars, etc. who wear glasses suffer from long-sightedness or shortsightedness, neither do they have eye problems. They wear glasses to stay trendy and fashionable, and also to act and look confident. When buying your glasses, buy the most suitable one for yourself so that you will be comfortable and more confident.

Have more than one pair of glasses

Unconsciously, we all think that anyone who wears glasses is more intelligent without even having background knowledge of who they are. As such, you pay them more attention and give them more honor when talking to them. Just from your glasses, people can tell a lot about you. You need to have a good sense of fashion for you to buy the right pairs. Buying at least two different pairs with different styles will ensure you look great always. Besides, you cannot use the same spec of glasses for work and hanging out with friends. You can be cool and confident in your glasses, it is possible.

Choose the right spec for your face

A lot has been said about how the specs you choose influence how confident you will act and look. Our faces are different from the features to the sizes of our heads to the bones of our cheek, etc. You need to put all of these details into consideration when shopping for specs. If you do not trust your judgment, you can request your family and friends to share their opinions with you. Send them a photo of you wearing the pairs you settled for. The direction the majority of the answers go should determine if you would be eventually buying those pairs or not. Some of the glass stores you might want to check if they have the right spec for your face include and Glassesshop.

Take care of yourself

No matter how beautiful your glasses are, if your skin is bad, you cannot be your most confident self. You have to eat and drink healthily too. Do exercises as much as you can. Take care of your hair; dry or rough hair will make you look unkempt and unapproachable to others. In this state, your glasses will only help amplify the negative vibes you are giving. The color of your hair determines the color of your lenses, so if you want good-looking lenses, you should keep your hair clean always. Try your hands at different looks that suit your face and make your glasses balanced.

Choose the best outfits

You may have to explore different nuances of fashion and style before you find your perfect style. Your outfits can make or mar your specs. As such, you want to wear the best that matches your spec style. For instance, if you wear the wrong outfits with glasses that are meant to make you look corporate, you may end up looking like a fashion ignoramus. You may have to buy different styles of specs for different outfits; it can be a bit costly but it is worth in the long run. If you need more opinions about how suitable your outfit is with your glasses, you can ask those around you.

Be confident in your skin

Now that you have gotten the perfect pairs for yourself, you have done part of the job. You have to complete it by doing the other part which is to carry yourself with poise and grace. If you carry yourself sloppily, you will not look confident no matter how beautiful your spec is. You do not have to hide from anyone; be bold to flaunt how you look in your new glasses. A lot of studies have shown that the way you perceive yourself is the way other people see you. Act confident and others will see you as such.

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