The benefits of mustard seeds are not only for health, but also for making necklaces

Mustard Seeds Benefits: 7 Health Benefits of Including Mustard Seeds in  Your Diet

Mustard is a versatile vegetable that belongs to the Brassica family like broccoli and cabbage. Mustard itself is currently better known in the packaging of sauces that are often created for various dipping dishes. Usually sold in bottles with distinctive yellow and white colors and sour taste.

According to the organicfact page, mustard is native to the temperate regions of Europe, it was one of the earliest crops grown in the region.

From thousands of years, the mustard plant has been quite popularly cultivated in North Africa, Asia, and Europe more like an herb. , and was even popular among the ancient Greeks and Romans.

It has been valued as a multi-specialty crop in North America for decades with major production occurring in California and Montana until 1950 and about a decade later in the Upper Midwest. Currently, it is grown in more than 21 countries with major production occurring in EU-27, Nepal, Canada, Ukraine and India. Due to its taste and therapeutic properties, the use of mustard is quite popular all over the world with approx.

Types of Mustard White mustard or sometimes referred to as yellow mustard has a milder taste and is commonly used in the preparation of America’s famous yellow mustard seasoning. Black mustard is popular for its strong aroma and taste while brown mustard, which is also used to prepare Dijon mustard, offers a tangy taste.

Mustard Nutrition Facts

The seeds of the plant are a rich source of minerals such as calcium , magnesium , phosphorus and potassium .

Mustard is also a good source of folate and vitamin A. Mustard greens or the leaves of the mustard plant are a source of important minerals including potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Mustard is also a good source of magnesium and dietary fiber. The incredible wealth of vitamins that mustard greens have to offer includes large amounts of vitamin A, and vitamin K with folate, and vitamin C is also present in decent amounts.

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