Southwestern Style Fashion

The southwestern style tends to be the style that has always been there whenever people need comfort. It is all about warm colors and simple designs. No wonder so many people like this style. Designers of southwestern fashion purposely created clothing that will help consumers feel good about themselves. Nevertheless, the southwestern style is also about being chic and colorful. Classic dress silhouettes, zigzag patterns, and printed feathers are just some of the elements incorporated with this style. Glamorous clutches and ankle-strap sandals are fantastic additions, as well.

If you want to wear southwestern style garments, choose pieces in red, white, and black. However, you may also choose tan and turquoise for a more colorful twist. The southwestern style is about warm colors, intricate native designs, and tightly woven fabrics. This style is actually a complex mix of various cultures from New Mexico and Arizona. The vibrant colors incorporated in this style were inspired by the colors and natural beauty of the desert landscape. The rich yellows and reds represent the desert vegetation and the clay soil. The earth tones such as grays and browns, on the other hand, represent the dry and arid desert.

Along with clothes come extras and accessories. Gray and brown purses are ideal to be worn with southwestern style clothing. A purse like these is truly a must-have for a woman who is a cowgirl at heart. Handbags make great accessories, as well. These items certainly make a statement. In addition, these pieces are not just aesthetically appealing; they are also functional. So, you may wear a purse or a handbag everyday to carry your belongings and show off your southwestern style at the same time.

Aside form purses and handbags, you may also want to invest in belts. Fine-looking brave belts are just what you need to complete your southwestern style fashion. Of course, you have to choose belts that are in earth colors. You may choose from light brown to black. Plain belts are alright, but you may also want them to have cool buckles and intricate designs. Buckle designs that go from rock star to cowboy are the best. These designs are, in fact, among the most sought-after designs.

Furthermore, you may want to get southwestern style cuffs. Originally, cuffs were not part of this style. They used to be present in punk fashion alone. However, the emo and punk styles have influenced the mainstream style and turned cuffs into must-haves. Today, cuffs have actually been making quite an impression particularly on the concert and club scenes of every major city in the United States. Thick leather cuffs with metal studs are the most popular. You can also define your personality by wearing a cuff around your wrist.

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