Love, Diamonds and Ch’i – A Feng Shui Master’s Guide to Choosing That Special Ring

Getting engaged? Whether it’s your first time down the aisle or your third, the bride is blushing and the diamonds should be sparkling.

Here’s the Feng Shui Master’s 5 Factor Guide to choosing just the right ring for your one and only true love.


Looking with a Feng Shui Eye, diamond shapes come in three categories:

o Not So Great

Marquise – sharp points can mean prickly ch’i!

Pear – a tear shape for happy love?

Oval – is love a race?

o Pretty good

Princess – a shape of even balance, but watch those sharp corners!

Round – love does make the world go round

o Great Feng Shui

Emerald – traditional, elegant with 8 sides*

Asscher – a squared Emerald shape

Radiant – a modern Emerald shape

Old Miners – a rounded square – perfect balance

*The Bagua, the Feng Shui energy map that represents all facets of life is an octagon. Shouldn’t your ring reflect all of life, too?


In Feng Shui we use color energy to lift and enhance different aspects of life.

Feng Shui Love Power Colors:

o White – your future, children

o Pink – love, romance, partnership

o Red – fire, passion

The standard diamond is white and perfectly suited to bringing “future” energy to your ring. After all, isn’t that what an engagement ring is for? If you do want to add other color energies, use other gemstones, like red rubies for passion ch’i, to achieve the balance and intention in your heart. (There are natural red or pink diamonds but quality ones are very rare and very expensive.)


The energy of the past carries into the present and on into the future.

A new diamond is like the proverbial blank slate; ready to absorb and hold your love ch’i. It’s when you’re looking at heirloom or estate pieces that “predecessor ch’i” becomes a factor. Just like the new ring will be imprinted with your energy, older pieces may carry the energy of past owners and past events. (There really are “cursed” diamonds.)

o Family Heirlooms

Ask for the true stories and check into your true feelings. Did Grandma and Grandpa really have a wonderful marriage? If the answer is yes and you had a wonderful relationship with Grandma then go ahead. You can add another layer of love ch’i to an already blessed stone.

If the true story is not about love or you didn’t get along with her, ask yourself why you’d want to wear a ring weighted with dark feelings.

o Estate Jewelry

Not all pre-owned pieces carry negative energy. Some are neutral or even positive. But unless you’re a good energy reader it would be wise to ask for help from a friend who is. You’ll have enough to deal with in married life without adding someone else’s “karma.”

(Disclosure: I bought Debra antique diamonds for both our 10th and 20th anniversaries. Of course, I took a deep look into the stones’ ch’i before deciding.)


To choose wisely, keep logic and desire in balance.

Size, cut and clarity all impact price. Too high a price can put stress ch’i into the ring and into the relationship. Budget well, buy smart and that simple half carat will outshine all others.

Of course, what will really make it shine is Feng Shui Factor #5 –


Love really does make the world go round.

Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in love? No matter how big or how small, a diamond ring chosen in love and given in love can be a link between lovers; a love link will only grow as life happens.

Remember, in life and love it’s not really the shape or color or age or cost of your ring that has power. It’s your desire for one another and your hearts’ commitment to sharing the rest of your lives together.

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