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It’s Got Quirks..We’ve Got Answers

Are you a gamer looking for a job and wondering what’s the current deal with the GameStop employee discount? You stumbled onto the right article. I went out and talked to a few current employees and even a GameStop manager and got some answers to all your questions. And I’m glad I did as the information I found was a little quirky and definitely not the stuff you’ll find on the GameStop website or corporate boilerplate. I hope this helps you figure out if it’s worth applying for a job or not.

GameStop Employee Discount: It's Got Some Quirks You NEED to Know

How Much is the GameStop Employee Discount?


GameStop employees get a 10% employee discount which while not great, is a decent “percent discount” compared to other similar stores.

Also, it’s important to note that YOU CANNOT combine your employee discount with any other special offers.

How Long Do I Have to Work to Qualify?

1 week.

You need to be employed by GameStop for at least 1-week before you become eligible for their employee discount.

I was also told they reserve the right to change this to 30 days around the holidays to keep gamers from getting a job, only to take advantage of the discount, then quit.

Do Both Part-time and Full-time Employees Qualify?


Both full and part time workers can score the discount.

BUT…I’m told full-time workers (especially managers) get quite a few “free stuff” perks than lowly part-timers. More on this later.

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Are Any Items Exempt From the Employee Discount?


Namely stuff “on sale” or other special offers can’t be combined with your employee discount.

In other words, you typically CAN’T use your employee discount on things that are not being sold at full price.

Can Employees Rent Games for Free?


GameStop wants to be familiar with the games you’ll be selling, so MOST managers will happily let you take rentals home for free and give them a whirl.

This is especially true if they have a lot of a certain title in-stock and won’t miss it while you have it home.

Do They Offer a “Seasonal” Employee Discount?

Yes, sometimes.

I talked to a GameStop employee with 3 years experience who told me they do offer discounts up to 20% at varying times throughout the year.

When I pushed him on it, he told me it often revolves around very specific items in the store.

That’s all I could get from him…let me know if you have any more information on this by leaving a comment below.

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Can I Get the Discount Online and In-Store?


While the simplest way to use the discount is in-store, you absolutely CAN use your employee discount online via the GameStop website.

To make it happen online, you’ll need to visit this link:

From there, you’ll want to Sign-In to your account.

Next, you’ll be given the option to confirm your employment.

Lastly, you’ll be given a code to use when checking out from that will give you your discount.

Are My Family Members or Spouse Eligible?


Only the employee can get the discount.

So DON’T be buying stuff for your buddies with your discount as they might fire you if they find out.

It’s also frowned upon to buy stuff with your discount then resale it for a profit.

But with such a small 10% discount, it would be hard to make much money, so not worth the risk.

Do Managers get a Lot of Free Stuff?


The manager at my local GameStop told me he gets a lot off free stuff towards the end-of-the-year when they are clearing out old posters, promo copies of full games, and even old merchandise.

He actually said “more than he could ever use”, so he ends up handing a lot of it out to other employees and even some regular customers.

Ask the Reader: When it comes to the employee discount at GameStop, what did I miss? I’m sure there are some quirks that I didn’t discover in my research, so please let me know.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.

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