HTC Touch Diamond Mobile Phone Review – A Diamond In The Rough

The HTC Touch Diamond mobile phone has been rumored to be slightly thicker than before; which may not be a great feature for those who are in love with thinner, sleeker mobile phone styles. The larger size will serve the purpose for providing room for a much more powerful battery; the 1350 mAh. This can ultimately be considered a definite plus; we all could use much more battery power in our phones; allowing for security and dependability when confronted with unforeseen emergencies these days.

Consumers will be happy to know, the HTC Touch Diamond has been included with a newer enhanced touch screen interface. A 2.8 inch, high resolution VGA screen is one of the many perks included on this new mobile phone. Another great feature gives this mobile phone the ability of running on top of the mobile device operating system of Microsoft. This feature allows those who are on the go the ability to run Microsoft Office and Outlook on this phone. The interface which is animated provides music; weather, email and messaging; allowing for a much easier access to the person you need to stay connected to.

Other wonderful features of the HTC Touch Diamond include but aren’t limited to the ability to transform the browser from vertical from horizontal; much like the iPhone. It is also armed with an Opera web browser; allowing a slight version of YouTube. Let us not forget how mystified users will find Google Maps that are integrated with the HTC Touch Diamond’s GPS. This is a dream come true for fans of the HTC Touch Diamond.

The Touch Diamond also has internal storage of 4GB, 256 MB flash memory; 192 MB RAM; than the former version. Unfortunately; there is no memory card slot, hopefully you can work around this and maybe with the next upgrade, this feature will be added to this marvelous mobile phone. I don’t think this takes away from this exquisite phone.

We have discussed all the positives of this wonderful mobile phone; here are a few downsides, as with any product. Although armed with the Microsoft features, the HTC Touch Diamond has no physical keyboard. This flaw may very well force those who are in need of a more professional mobile office device than an item that is deemed to be too basic. If you are a user who relies heavily upon a feature such as this; you may find yourself having to acquire two mobile phones. I believe in the near future; this feature will have an added upgrade.

With all the fancy gadgets and gizmos in this phone; there is a huge possibility that all the features may very well slow down the performance quality of this phone. It isn’t a perfect world when trying to stuff wonderful hardware into a tiny sleek phone. You have got to figure there would be a few kinks to work out. This is another strike against this wonderful “diamond” in the rough, but perhaps something fans may very well overlook.

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