Grillz You Must Know!

Dental Grills / Grillz: Are They Safe?

Have you seen Rappers wearing shining diamond grills, which made you very fascinated?

If yes, then this jewellery is for you.  Diamond Grillz is a jewellery piece  placed over the teeth. Such vvs grillz can adjust up or down on the teeth easily. 

They give your look a different style that puts you in the limelight. Those who are concerned about looks will prefer to invest in this jewellery. Different designs and patterns are available in the Diamond Grillz. They are also available in different colours. 

Let us check out the different Diamond Grillz style you can consider.

  1. Coloured Diamond Grillz

They are available in various colours, including red diamonds, blue diamonds, black diamonds, yellow diamonds, etc. It can decorate with a variety of stones. Princess cut diamonds, round diamonds, and even baguette diamonds are available in a variety of colours. Two or three colours in one grill to make a logo or a name into the Grillz. A princess-cut invisible set grill with various colours is seen frequently.

2. Honey Comb Setting

Honey Comb setting is recommended if you want a flooded diamond grill with many diamonds. Honey Comb is a Pave setting in which little diamonds are inserted in very small holes throughout the caps, creating the appearance of a honeycomb with the diamonds acting as the holes. 

With ordinary eyes, no setting metal is visible; all visible is a dazzling array of diamonds that sparkle, shine, and change hues in the light. Because of the number of diamonds required to complete the designs, Honey Comb settings are a little more delicate and sensitive than other settings.

3. Princess cut diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are square-shaped diamonds that are all set back to back inside each cab of the grill. Different types of invisible types said different sizes, different millimetre stones, but they are all set back to back. 

The Supreme Jewelers offer dental Grillz made of high metals that are well-versed in wearing them safely without jeopardising oral health. 

4. Diamond Grillz Baguette

Baguette diamond Grillz are the most popular style on the internet.  People are attracted to this style because of the way baguette diamonds fit on the teeth. Since the 1980s, baguette diamonds have been a favourite choice among rappers.

5. Multi-Color Diamond Grillz

The smash single “Grillz” by hip hop musician Nelly helped to popularise Multi-Color Diamond Grillz. He set the highest bar for Grillz while in the video showcasing his princess-cut blue diamond Grillz. The demand for black diamond Grillz, canary yellow diamond Grillz,and blue diamond Grillz has skyrocketed because of artists like Young Dolph, Kevin Gates Grillz.

6. Diamond Grillz with Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamond Grillz include large emerald-cut diamonds placed side by side in an undetectable setting for the desired “all diamond” effect. The white gold custom-crafted emerald cut diamond Grillz set designed for Quavo featured extremely nice quality. The Supreme Jewelers can certainly create a one-of-a-kind style using excellent vvs Grillz.


Top jewelers like the Supreme Jewelers have everything you need for VVS Grillz for enhancing your aesthetic status. They have a large selection of VVS Grillz; rest assured, you will get something you like. Do not forget to consider the above mentioned Diamond Grillz types while purchasing!