Gifts That Won't Break the Bank...
– Anice Jewellery

Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank… – Anice Jewellery

If somehow you aren’t counting down the days, here’s your friendly reminder that there’s 12 days until the celebration comes to an all time high, and all of that planning and running around will have lead the the magic that is Christmas. 

We realize that as magical as Christmas is, it can take a toll on the wallet… leaving most of us in a post-Christmas pinch. It’s understandable – we all want to give memorable, special gifts that usually cost a pretty penny. But we’re here to tell you, you can give a beautiful and thoughtful gift without going into debt… and here’s how: 

The thoughtful gift for your bff… 

If you’re like us, we LOVE to give gifts. But when you’ve been blessed with so many special people in your life… sometimes the pressure to give everyone you know and love a gift can become a burden, especially when everything comes at a price. This holiday, we’ve tried to make this a little bit easier for you, as we’ve been creating friendship bracelets ($35 for a pair) that’s as easy as they are cute. 

The package deal… 

The card, the gift, the sentiment… it all takes a lot of thought. It also can take quite a bit of money. The wonderful part about a store that specializes in custom, is seeing what are customers are looking for and being able to cater to those needs accordingly, while keeping in mind a budget. We have some of the most creative and thoughtful customers come through our door, so we figured why not create an all in one package that takes care of the card and the present, while making them personal all at the same time. For under $50 we’re offering custom cards with custom jewellery, and can personalize the cards as you wish. We promise this gift will leave your loved ones swooning. 

Old treasures new love…

“Old treasures new love” is what Anice is all about. We love seeing your grandmas locket, your mothers old necklace, your baby bracelet that is much too small but too sweet not to wear. What a better way to tell your mama you love her than by taking an old piece of hers and recreating it for her this Christmas? With custom jewellery, we work within your budget so putting something special together doesn’t have to be out of reach. The best part about recreating old jewels? You already have most of the materials so the cost is cut down significantly (plus so much more meaningful) <3 

Don’t worry Anice Babes – we’ve got you covered and will help find the perfect gift this year! 


The Anice Jewel Squad  

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