Eau de toilette vs. Eau de parfum: this is the perfume you need

Should You Buy Eau De Toilette Or Eau De Parfum?
Don’t get carried away: eau de parfum isn’t always your best option.
Eau de parfum against eau de toilette: one of the most misunderstood rivalries in the world of beauty. Thinking about it without analyzing too much, it would seem obvious: by offering a more concentrated and longer-lasting fragrance, albeit at a higher price, eau de parfum sounds like the winning option. However, is it really? Let’s analyze.
The main difference between an eau de parfum (EDP) and an eau de toilette (EDT) is mainly in its duration and potency. This is due to a difference in fragrance percentages. A perfume marked as an eau de parfum will always be stronger and longer lasting, with approximately 25 percent fragrance, versus 15 percent for eau de toilette.
Despite the intensity, the aromatic profile usually does not change. However, perfumers sometimes make the decision to enhance different notes in each product to amplify different facets. This sometimes puts a twist on the rule, and makes the eau de toilette more intense. So, you really shouldn’t be an EDT or EDP person; rather, you should try both versions to see their different nuances.
It is also essential to think about the concentration of the fragrance. Here, the preference is very personal. You might think that the more concentrated the better, however, think: do you like to be one of those people who never go unnoticed because their perfume gives away their presence? Eau de parfum is your thing. Is your profile more discreet? Opt for the toilette version. However, keep in mind that you will have to reapply the perfume more often. But beware: the difference in concentrations does not mean that one is of better quality than another; they are simply different products.
Another factor to consider is your skin type: are you very sensitive? Stay away from the eau de parfum. How does the perfume fix you? Remember that heat releases the scent, so your natural body temperature may make an eau de toilette sufficient for your needs.
The last factor to consider has to do less with you and more with your surroundings. Right now we are almost totally locked in, but, in a normal world, you should take the following into account: where are you going to wear your perfume? Perhaps in the office the last thing you want is for the whole world to know that you have arrived, that you have already left, and even to alienate some sensitive people, because of your aroma. On a date, however, you may want to add an extra touch to your grooming. In these cases, use the differences in concentrations to your advantage.
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