Diamond Deb Nail Files – Beautiful Nails With a Lifetime Guarantee

Diamond Deb products the only nail files that contribute to better nail health and overall beauty with their exclusive filing surface. This unique surface cleans nails precisely and perfectly without tearing or snagging. Nails will grow longer and stronger with less peeling and breakage.

Crosscut steel surfaces can cause tiny tears and splits in the nails, which will lead to weaker, brittle nails that break often. Beautiful nails are a sign of good health and show that you really care about the way you look.

These professional products have been trusted for decades for their high quality. In earlier days the surface was made of tiny crushed diamonds and were renowned for their indestructible nature as well as their benefit to the nails. Today Diamond Deb nail files are composed of thousands of tiny abrasive crystals embedded in the filing surface. Made of stainless steel, the files never rust and when taken care of will sill last a lifetime, it is even guaranteed by the manufacturer. The tools come in 4,6, or 8 inch lengths and come in their own sleeve so you can keep one at home and one in your purse, desk, or anywhere you like to care for your nails.


* Exclusive crystal abrasive surface

* Eliminates harmful aspects of cross-cut steel nail files

* Will not rust

* Manufacturer Lifetime Guarantee

Professional manicurists often use Diamond Deb Nail files and recommend them to their clients. Their loyal users proclaim that they are the best nail file available and will search high and low until they find one. They also offer professional emery boards, high-shine buffers, and filing discs. However their crystal-surfaced steel files are what made Diamond Deb a trusted name in nail care.

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