Christmas Jumpers Are Back! – Top 5 Most Popular Christmas Jumper Designs

With December, the festive season, and for many, the Christmas season, upon us and in full effect. Many of us, and in particular those in select regions of the northern hemisphere, are getting ready for, if not already in the grips of, the winter season, which brings with it not only snow but also much much colder temperatures, and after having adopted the tradition of wearing and gifting Christmas jumpers, are considering purchasing for ourselves or a relative or even for a friend or family friend a Christmas jumper this Christmas and festive season. So, whether you are considering purchasing Christmas jumpers for girls or any other family members or friends, Etsy, amongst others, is considered, in the eyes of many, to be a very viable avenue to explore not only your fashion and beauty trends this Christmas and festive season but also your Christmas jumper designs.

So what are the top five most popular Chrismas Jumper Designs?

Before we get started, all of the Christmas jumpers listed below are ranked by way of the number of anonymous reviews and recommendations collated from various individual external entities. Additionally, number one will have the most reviews and recommendations, whilst number five will have the least. So, without further ado, the top five most popular Christmas jumper designs this year ranked from most to least.

At number one, with five reviews and recommendations, is Not On The High Street’s Batch1

Yule Got this Christmas jumper. At numbers two through five, which is a four-way tie, with three anonymous reviews and recommendations each, and in no particular order; as a result, we have Boden’s Faire Isle colourful Christmas jumper, Not On The High Street’s Mulled wine and tinsel time Christmas jumper, M&S Collection’s Recycled blend patterned relaxed Christmas jumper and lastly but by no means least Not on high Street’s Support the clause Christmas jumper.

It should be said that whilst those mentioned above are the “top five” most popular Christmas jumper designs based on the number of anonymous reviews and recommendations, that is not to say that there aren’t “better” more festive and creative Christmas jumper designs out there.

Just as an aside

As an aside, it should be noted that whilst the previously mentioned “top five” most popular Christmas jumper designs are ranked as so, this does not mean that they are all available for men, women, boys and girls. In other words, some of the designs may only be available to women, some of the designs may only be available to men, and in some rare cases, some of the designs may only be available on children’s clothing for boys or girls both.

Just to be crystal clear…

To reiterate and be crystal clear, the previous top five rankings are according to collated anonymous reviews and recommendations from various individual external entities and thus are, by their very nature, completely subjective. With that said, it is up to each individual to use their own discretion when purchasing, gifting, wearing and/or any combination of any of the aforementioned popular jumper designs ranked above.

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