An Interview with Anice Owner, Brittan
– Anice Jewellery

An Interview with Anice Owner, Brittan – Anice Jewellery

Introducing…  The Moroccan Dreams Collection

Recently, our shop Owner and Creative Director, Brittany Hopkins, visited Morocco on a buying trip to find vintage treasures to re-work the ‘Anice way’. Upon her return, we had a chance to sit down and chat about her adventures and the upcoming collection, set to launch this Friday, July 14th.

What inspired you to go to Morocco to buy treasures?

I was inspired to go to Morocco because I really love their traditional style of jewellery. I am obsessed with vintage jewels, and I knew I would find lots of beautiful pieces. In Morocco, jewellery is not just an accessory; it represents stature and family. The pieces I saw while I was there really speak for themselves because they have so much detail and character.

What influenced you most while you were there?

If I had to pick one word to really encompass the trip, it would have to be colourful. It was always sunny and loud, and I was surrounded by so many exciting colours and smells. The overall energy of Morocco was contagious.

Tell us about some of the people you met.

I met so many amazing people while I was away. The shop owners really stood out to me in particular because their work ethic was so impressive. They worked so hard to take care of their families, staying in the shop from sun up to sun down.

What do you want people to know before they see the collection?

The pieces I brought back with me are stunning. I think that they flow really wonderfully with my style and the style I create here at Anice. Working with the Moroccan treasures has really reminded me how much I love statement jewellery. I am really excited for people to see the diversity of this collection. We are mixing soft and ornate, chunky and dainty, and creating a beautiful juxtaposition of pieces. This collection is in your face and different, but regardless of your personal style, everyone will appreciate these pieces for the unique story they tell.

The Moroccan Dream Collection will be launching in store this weekend, July 14th-16th . Make sure to stop by to get first dibs on all the goodies!  


*Until then… keep an eye on our Instagram where we’ll be sharing sneak peeks of the collection!!*


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