A Great D Color Diamond – The Star of Stanley Ho

The Star of Stanley Ho is a breathtaking D color diamond! It is colourless and flawless, which at 218.08 carats makes it the biggest flawless, colorless diamond in the world. It was graded as a D-IF with excellent polish and symmetry by the Gemological Institute of America. The GIA is the world’s greatest authority on gemology and diamond grading. Its fire and brilliance is enhanced by the cushion cut of the stone. The more light it takes in, the more its numerous facets disperse the light in every direction.

The illustrious diamond collector Robert Mouawad sold this gemstone to Stanley Ho. “It was a distinct privilege to be a part of this diamond’s history and I am delighted to turn its legacy over to the next owner,” he stated when talking about the sale with journalists. “It is one of the wonders the planet has created.”

The price of this marvelous D color diamond was greater than than $US100 million, as reported by the Managing Director of Socieddade de Jogos de Macau, S.A. The diamond was unnamed before its sale to Dr. Ho.

In 2003, the rough diamond was found in Angola. In its original state, it weighed 570 carats. Cutters and polishers spent over twelve months bringing out the beauty of the 218.08 carat Star. Robert Mouawad says, “Each diamond is unique and has its own personality traits. The carat weight, quality grade and the immortal character are all factors that contribute to the overall beauty of a stone, but it is the human touch from the rough to polished stage that unveils its beauty and mystique.”

Would you like to see this astonishing D color diamond? It only involves a jaunt to Macau. Dr. Ho is permitting it to be exhibited in the Casino Grand Lisboa. He stated that it exemplified a timeless character that reflected SJM’s timeless dedication to Macau.

Robert Mouawad described the Star of Stanley Ho as “the crown of Macau and the brightest of all gems in the world”.

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