7 tips for the ideal skincare (by an expert dermatologist)

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There are endless options ranging from cosmetologists and estheticians, to influencers who promise to solve your skin problems and give you the best remedies. Unfortunately, they are gaining more and more followers because, who does not dream of the perfect complexion? But the reality is that -like any case that involves your health- you must attend with certified experts, that is to say with a dermatologist -yes, those who study 7 years of medicine and up to 5 of specialty-. 

The Doctor Julio Salas , Surgeon and Obstetrician specializing in Dermatology, sub specialty in Dermopathology and doctorate in Medicine, shares his tips on caring for your face healthier. 

How to choose your skincare routine ? 

Before choosing your skincare routine, it is essential to first consider your habits, your body and your diet . Dr. Salas assures us that he, even before seeing your face, analyzes your body structure, hormones or use of anabolics, skin diseases such as cancer , cloth or melasma and basic questions such as: what do you use, what have you used, if you smoke, what you eat and what you don’t eat, and how much you have been exposed to the sun. Your skincare should be based on your skin type, age, gender, and needs. Call your Dermatologist in KL for the best Skincare Clinic in Malaysia.

Skincare in the morning 

The recommendation of Dr. Julio Salas is to follow three simple steps: wash with facial gel -one that is gentle on your face-. Then put the medicine recommended by your dermatologist; be it for acne, anti wrinkle, etc. And finally, use two fingers of sunscreen . You should always apply it in the morning and make sure it is broad spectrum with SPF 30+ . Avoid fragranced products. 

Skincare at night 

Before sleeping he advises us to use a facial acid, cleanse with micellar water or serum , apply the dermatological treatment recommended by your doctor, such as creams with retinoic acid , hyaluronic acids, glycolic acids for rejuvenation, or in the case of young topical antibiotics. like Benzoyl peroxide. And to close with a flourish, apply moisturizer. 

Vitamin C and what it is for 

According to Dr. Salas, Vitamin C  is one of the best anti-aging ingredients and the key to maintaining smooth, even, and luminous skin. It is safe for all skin types and does not interfere with other active ingredients such as retinoids or your sunscreen factor. It reduces transepidermal water loss, attenuates pigmentation and smoothes the skin’s surface, in addition to increasing collagen production .

What is Vitamin K? 

Another of Dr. Julio Salas’s secrets is Vitamin K , also known as the forgotten vitamin. Studies have shown a strong relationship between its intake and strong bones and it has also been linked to better episodic memory in older adults. Among its benefits on the skin is that it fights stretch marks , spider veins, scars , dark spots and the darkening of dark circles .

Micellar water is not a substitute for face wash 

The cleaning that micellar water does is not as deep as that of soap. If you’re in a hurry and can’t wash your face, you can use it, but it’s definitely not something you can do every day. Washing with soap and water is not a substitute for it! Plus, micellar water doesn’t have to be rinsed off. He recommends removing excess makeup and dirt from your face with micellar water and then washing with soap and water. Your nails need skincare too And last but not least, consider that whenever you go to gel your nails you should use sunscreen on your hands , since the lamps used in salons emit ultraviolet rays that can affect your skin in the medium or long term.