Winter boots, the best warriors against the cold

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Winter boots protect us from the cold and maintain body heat

With the arrival of the cold there is no better footwear than good winter boots  . There are many types: high, low, with heel, flat, with platform … And, in addition, depending on the material with which they are made, they will help you keep the heat better.

There are many people who, despite the arrival of the cold, continue to wear sneakers with fine fabrics that do not maintain body heat. We are sure that if you continue reading, you too will be convinced that opting for good quality boots is the best way to dress the winter season with style.

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Why wear winter boots?

Boots are footwear that, until the 19th century, was used only by men. You wonder why we emphasize banishing summer slippers and wearing boots now that the cold is on the way. Winter boots are warm and very comfortable shoes (if you choose the right one). They are even lined with fleece which, together with the skin, are two materials that keep body heat very well and are pleasant to wear. Also, if the quality of the skin is good, it can last you for years. For people against the use of animal skin, there is currently a huge catalog of synthetic skins with the same or better quality than animal skin. On the other hand, the foot needs more than just covering the sole. Boots, whether they are ankle boots or tall boots, largely cover the ankle area. Some even reach mid-leg, to the knees and above them. Everything will depend on your tastes and your style. Choose one of them in Dr Martens boots.

Types of winter boots

The high boots:

Along with the ankle boots, they are usually the most used boots and with the greatest variety of styles, two of them that we will discuss later. Regarding the material, there are all kinds: natural leather, synthetic leather, suede, patent leather, velvet … The boot shaft can also vary: from a height higher than the ankle, mid-leg, the knee and even above is. Everything will depend on the  complete outfit  and your personal style. Buccaneer boots  ,  for example, are widely used winter boots thanks to their height, since they usually reach the knee or more. Military boots, for example, are also widely used thanks to their resistance and thick sole. They became popular as a result of the skinhead  collectives They will adopt them as part of their identifying attire.

The loot:

The shaft of the booties extends to the ankle or a few inches higher. The best known ankle boots are the blucher type , most used by men; camperos and  cowboy,  with a slightly rounded tip and fringes. Most of this style is usually made of leather and includes embroidery and nature designs. Wedge ankle boots are also very popular. Its base, although it can be high, is very comfortable and will stylize your figure. Some are padded, patent leather, with buckles, leather … On the other hand, high-heeled ankle boots are usually more elegant and feminine. There are thinner and thicker ones, depending on the design of the ankle boot.

Water boots:

You won’t believe it, but wellies have become a  must  for winter. They are comfortable, very useful if it rains and also their cane reaches almost the knee and, therefore, they are very warm. They come in many colors and patterns, and you can combine them with jeans, skirts, dresses … You will create a  youthful and carefree look  !

Snow boots:

Snow boots are other protagonists that have been given a different use than the original. Currently has adapted the model including thermal material aesthetically, coated inside or outside with lambskin, natural or synthetic leather, with laces or zipper … They are also ideal for walks in the countryside or in the mountains!