What are Hydroxy Acids and why should they be in best mens bodywash?

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Joe has a booklet titled ‘skincare tips’ in his drawer. Although strange it may sound, Joe, just like many men out there, indeed was facing many skin-related issues. Thus, with frowns over his face, he smacked open the drawer and picked out the booklet in hope. Among those many tips was this one related to exfoliation and acids. Many times he had heard of exfoliation. But, acids? What were they? And what was their relation with exfoliation that many best mens bodywash were having these? We will tell you everything that you need to know.

What are Hydroxy Acids?

Our skin has a quality that comes useful – Regeneration of cells. This very quality is what makes your wounds and scratches heal. But the process only happens when the body feels there is a need to do so. Exfoliants help in activating this very process. When these exfoliants come in contact with your skin, they shed the top layer of your skin, thus inducing it to regenerate. But this is not the complete tale.

Exfoliate has its origin in the Kingdom Plantae. Ex stands for ‘out’ and Foliate stands for ‘leaf. It is a process when plants shed their leaves and outer skin cells to form new ones. When it comes to our skin, exfoliants do much more. They shed the outer skin layer, unclog the pores, and drags out the dirt and sebum deposits. This cleans off your pores and helps your skin stay clean and acne-free. This is why the best mens bodywash use exfoliants in their products to serve the purpose of taking a bath.

Hydroxy Acids are these very compounds that work as exfoliants to our skin. They usually gets abbreviated as:

  • AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid.
  • BHA – Beta Hydroxy Acid.
  • PHA – Poly Hydroxy Acid.
  • LHA – Lipid Hydroxy Acid.

Hydroxy Acids and the Best mens bodywash!

Different types of acid serve different functions in different mens bodywash. But the most widely and effective among these are AHA and BHA.

AHA is a class of acids that include lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid, etc. They are also naturally found in lemons, milk, papaya, pineapple, grapefruit, etc. This is why people use these natural ingredients on their face. But when it comes to body, you cannot be just bathing in milk and fruits unless you own some kingly palace upon the royal crest. This is why mens bodywash contains AHA in it. AHA works best on people having dry or rough skin. These acids push old cells to self-destruct. This leads to new cell generation. Know that this new skin remains comparatively gentle and thus more prone to sun damage. Do not forget to use sunscreen after exfoliating your skin. These acids break down the bond that keep holding your dead skin. This breaking of bond leads to the shedding of dead and rough skin.

BHA is another group of acids containing salicylic acid, tropic acid, trethocanic acids, etc. It serves the skin that has an oily texture to them. They penetrate below your oily skin and perform deep exfoliation. This deep cleansing helps your whole skin to regenerate inside out. If you want a blend of AHA and BHA, Order now in Patricks Australia. This very blend helps exfoliate your skin inside out.

PHA works best for those with sensitive skin. The above acids can put some stress on sensitive skins but PHA works well by reducing the overall sensitivity.

What to choose?

Choosing the best mens bodywash might be a hassle for some. If you know your skin type, then go for the right one given above. Check your skin type and order now in Patricks Australia. They have some of the best blends of nature and science. If you have any doubts and suffer from skin issues, then we suggest you consult your doctor first. Don’t worry like Joe and take care of your skin when there still is time. Additionally, have a healthy diet. It impacts the most.