Tips for Choosing Women’s Tops

It’s not just choosing shoes and wallets that make most of the Eve feel confused. Choosing clothes is also not easy to do. Choosing the right clothes is also one of the things that is very difficult to decide. Especially when the Eve chooses the latest tops that are suitable to support her appearance.

Choosing clothes that are suitable for a woman is not just an outfit that is only worn for daily activities. Clothing can also reflect a person’s personality so that in choosing a top, several things must be considered. Here are some things to consider when choosing clothes.

Pay attention to this before choosing clothes

Models of clothes

Tops have many models that you can choose according to your personality, style of dress to suit the event. You can choose clothes that are casual, feminine, sporty and even choose clothes that suit your body shape. You can wear tops with blouse models, shirts to cardigans or other models that match your dress style. Currently, you can choose a variety of clothing models in various clothing stores, both online and offline.

Clothing material

In addition to choosing a dress model, the material of the clothes can also be one thing that must be considered. For example, when you want to wear clothes that are casual, simple and can be worn for daily activities, you can choose clothes made of comfortable materials. The material is comfortable to wear, which is easy to absorb sweat and does not make your skin allergic. This will make it easier for you to carry out activities.

One material that is often chosen for casual style is cotton clothes. Clothes made of cotton have good absorbency so they are very comfortable to wear. In addition, you can also choose a top with a soft chiffon or satin material to attend the party.

Shirt Color

Another thing to consider when choosing the right top is choosing the color of the shirt. You can choose soft and nude colors to wear at parties or semi-formal events. Choosing soft colors like pastels will make you look more elegant and make you look softer.

You can choose the color of the clothes by matching your skin tone. Light colors can also be chosen for those of you who are brave and confident. By choosing the appropriate color of clothes, your appearance will also look more perfect.

Shirt Pattern

Clothes are not only made with plain colors. There are several models of clothes made with motifs. For example, for those of you who want to wear patterned clothes, choose tops or outerwear with plain colors. This will give the impression of simple, elegant and not too crowded. You can wear a blouse model top with a floral motif combined with a top in the form of an outter blazer with a plain color. You can get secound branded in

You can also wear a shirt with a striped patterned shirt and pair it with a black blazer for a monochrome look. Monochrome style is choosing clothes with dark colors so that they can be worn in various events. You can wear this style starting from a formal event, semi-formal can even be used for work style. Monochrome style can also give the wearer a classic impression.