Tips for choosing the right vase for bouquets

How to Choose the Right Vase for Your Flowers | Dallas House of Flowers

Vases and flowers are an inseparable unit, like a lock with a key. For those of you who like to arrange flowers or like flowers as room decorations, of course you really need a beautiful and suitable container for your flower arrangements. The variety of vases is also increasingly varied according to creativity, you can even use used buckets or bottles as containers. Confused about what kind of vase for your flower arrangement? Let’s look at the following tips!

As beautiful as any flower arrangement, it will not look perfect without choosing the right flower vase. A vase can affect the aesthetic elements and the beauty of the composition of the bouquet that you have. Carefulness is needed in choosing a flower vase so that it looks in accordance with the dominant shape and color of the flower arrangement itself. For more details, you can see from a more complete description below.


For those of you who are new to flower arrangements, a neutral vase color is the best choice. If you want to play with color, make sure it matches the color of each of your flower stalks. But what you need to pay attention to in choosing this color is that you have to decide which one you want to highlight, the vase or the bouquet . Do not let the appearance of the two equally strong as if scrambling to attract attention, one must succumb to create a good composition. One of recommendation for you is Blumenvase groƟ Silber

Vase Size

One thing that makes a big difference in the appearance of a bouquet is making sure the flower stems are the right length for your vase. You are free to determine the height required for your flower vase. However, when choosing a flower vase, you also have to be very clever in choosing its size. If it is too short or too tall, it will make your bouquet look unbalanced and distract the eye of the beholder. Placement of space is also very influential in determining the size of the vase. You certainly don’t want to put a large flower vase in a narrow room, right? Therefore, be wise in adjusting the size of the vase with the capacity of your room.

Vase Shape

Before choosing the shape of the vase, you must first determine the type of flower that will be arranged. Use smaller, denser vase necks for smaller flower arrangements, and vice versa. Currently, there are many flower shops that sell different types of flower vases. Choose your favorite shape and don’t forget to adjust it with the arrangement of the flower arrangements .