Tips for choosing the right shoes

Choosing the Right Shoes for You | University Health Service

In order to be free from foot problems, follow some tips on choosing the right shoes below.

1. Buy shoes during the day

Tips for choosing shoes on this one may sound strange to you. However, did you know that when you buy shoes, it can affect the shoes you choose.

The best time to buy Replica shoes is during the day. Why? During the day, the size of your feet changes to be bigger.

Especially if you have previously walked around the store, the size of your feet will definitely increase. That’s why buying shoes during the day can prevent you from buying shoes that are too small.

2. Take a good look at the shoes

If you’ve found a shoe that catches your eye, don’t decide to buy it right away. Remember to choose the right shoes, not only judged by an attractive design or color.

There are several tips that you need to consider when choosing shoes, namely:

  • Choose the type of shoe according to the activity
  • Check the condition of the shoes, is there any damage or defects
  • Choose the shoe material you want, whether it’s rubber, leather, nylon, or canvas
  • Check the thickness of the sole of the shoe and choose one that is not easily worn (eroded)
  • Check the weight of the shoes and choose which one is suitable for your activity
  • Check the sturdiness of the shoes, especially for high heels that are prone to breaking their heels.

3. Find the right shoe size

You probably remember well the shoe size you usually wear. However, the size of the feet can change to be larger over time.

Moreover, some shoe manufacturers also have a slight difference in size. That’s why, one of the tips when choosing shoes to buy is to measure your feet again.

Make sure that the size fits your current foot size.

4. Try on the shoes

After finding the right size, you must try on the shoes. Ask the store clerk to find shoes according to the size you asked for.

Well, when trying on shoes, feel comfortable on your feet. Make sure there is a little space between the toe and the toe of the shoe. Then, move your toes to check for room for the toes.