Tips for Choosing a Good and Durable T-shirt Screen

Choosing t-shirt screen printing seems to be an activity that is rarely done by all of you. If you want to buy a t-shirt, what you see is the design. If you like it, then buy it.

Even though choosing a t-shirt screen printing will determine what your t-shirt life will be like in the future. It’s easy like this, if you are smart or at least know how to do it, there is a chance that the image on the shirt will last a long time.

Choosing T-shirt Screen Printing Based on Usability

Usefulness here is what the shirt was bought for? Of course, there is a reason why you buy shirts in large quantities. Here is how to choose a t-shirt screen printing based on its use.

Regional Promotion T-shirts

It is not uncommon for an area to have its own t-shirt product. It can be inscribed with the slogan of a famous area or tourist spot. T-shirts like this can be used as a means to introduce an area to more people.

If this type of t-shirt is what you are looking for, then you should buy a t-shirt with Rubber and Pigment screen printing. The reason is because this type of screen printing is suitable for cotton t-shirts with a thickness of 20s.

You definitely want regional promotional t-shirts that are sold comfortably for tourists, right? 

Distro t-shirts

Now this one is for those of you who are planning to open a distribution business. Remember, businesses like this require high-quality t-shirts. Because usually the price of a kaoa in distributions is more expensive than other stores.

The right quality of screen printing for distributions is special inks such as superwhite, plastisol, and flocking. This type of ink is suitable for distribution shirts made of cotton.

With the screen printing material above, the t-shirt printing that you sell will not be embarrassing and the customer will be satisfied. 

Identity T-shirt

You must have seen the shirts used by an organization, motorcycle club, class or institution. T-shirts for identity or identity are usually made as identification.

If you get an order for this kind of shirt, you should choose a shirt with plastisol screen printing material in addition to rubber as an alternative.

Why plastisol? Because the price is not high enough but still feels comfortable when worn. 

Event T-shirt

Soon there will be a drag race championship in your city. Incidentally the committee ordered t-shirts for the committee and racing participants to your place. 

Nothing is more appropriate than plastisol screen printing. The reason is because it must be finished quickly and usually the shirts used are t-shirts with a thickness of 24s or 20s.

Important things to choose T-shirt screen printing

After knowing how to choose t-shirt screen printing based on its use, then we will discuss how to choose t-shirt screen printing in general.

This is also important considering that the t-shirt is one type of clothing that is comfortable and very flexible. Not only can it be used as casual everyday clothes, but it can be a style or model if it is combined properly.

Technological developments have made it easier for you to choose a t-shirt screen printing. It seems that screen printing t-shirts with various design choices have become a mandatory choice for many people.

Well, the quality of the screen printing and the type of t-shirt material affect the quality of the screen printing t-shirts you use. Still confused about this? Please read the description below.

Pay attention to the type of material

Selection of the type of material is an important thing when choosing a comfortable shirt to wear. In general, the quality and comfortable type of screen printing t-shirt is made of combed cotton. 

The choice can be cotton combed 30s or cotton combed 24s. This type of material has a soft, comfortable, cool texture, and no less important is that it easily absorbs sweat.

Screen Printing Ink Type

Choosing a t-shirt screen printing must also pay attention to the quality of the ink used. The better the quality of the ink, the better the results on the surface of the shirt. But keep in mind, not all good inks are suitable for all t-shirt materials.

For example the type of plastisol screen printing which is very suitable to be applied to combed cotton materials. Therefore, you need to ensure the match between the ink and the t-shirt material.

Design Shape

A simple t-shirt design should be able to last longer if made properly. Either the t-shirt material or the screen printing ink. While complex designs should also be able to stay good and durable like brand from

Talking about the shape of the design when choosing a t-shirt screen printing is more about how it feels when worn. Maybe people who like underground music prefer t-shirts with written letters that seem to be used by metal band names.

Meanwhile, those who like sports choose cheerful, simple, but give a spotif and energetic impression.