Sources of Blogger Income

Are you good with words? Why not make a living by blogging?

Maybe, many beginner bloggers think that blog income is only limited to Google Adsense. However, in fact it is only one of the many sources of income that can be chosen. Here are some sources of blogger income that can make money, consider the following points…

1. Advertising Network

The main income of a blogger is usually obtained from a cooperation program with an Advertising Network company. What is an advertising network? This is a company that facilitates and connects advertisers (advertisers) and publishers (advertisers). Examples such as Google Adsense, Revenuehits, Ad Media and so on.

So, the system is profit sharing, the money received can come from ad clicks (CPC), ad impressions (CPM) and Actions (CPA).

2. Cooperation Advertisement (Direct)

The second income from a blog usually comes from direct advertising. This means that advertisers directly contact the blog owner and offer cooperation. Whether it’s placing banner ads, guest posts, content placements, or other agreed collaborations.

This depends on the negotiations taking place. The income is usually large, but this type of advertising is very rare and not routine. The bigger the blog, the higher the chances of getting clients.

3. Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs can be used as a side income blogger. We can work with several product owners and sell them on our blog. Later, we will get a commission from each sale occurs.

Usually, bloggers become affiliates of a marketplace or hosting company. However, there are many other products that can be sold by a blogger.

4. Blog Network

Blog network is a blog community network. Usually, the network that you follow will give you a commission of income from the agreed advertisements.

5. Sell Backlinks

For blogs that are already large, usually many companies will offer backlink cooperation. This collaboration is very easy. You simply plant the url link (website client) in the blog or in the article. Usually, for one backlink, it ranges from hundreds to millions of rupiah.

What’s the point for them? This is very useful because backlinks are one of the indicators of SEO (search engine optimization) so that our website can appear at the top in searches like Google.