Smart Tips for Choosing Unique and Memorable Wedding Souvenirs

WEDDING is one of the most important events in a person’s life. The wedding party and reception will certainly be a historical moment that is highly anticipated for the two lovebirds who get married. In a wedding reception, there are many things that must be considered in detail and carefully, one of which is wedding souvenirs .

Usually, the bride and groom will prepare their wedding souvenirs in advance so that it is not too sudden. So that they will be able to more freely choose souvenirs that are truly memorable, unique and in accordance with the wishes of the bride and groom.

By preparing ahead of time, the bride and groom will be able to freely choose various choices from the many beautiful souvenirs on the market. As a form of greeting and gratitude to the invited guests who have attended, the role of wedding souvenirs cannot be underestimated and underestimated.

A good wedding souvenir, usually one that can remind the recipient of the souvenir at the moment of happiness at the wedding. Make sure the souvenir you give can be used by the people who receive it and they can remember your wedding day through the beautiful souvenir you have given. Choosing wedding souvenirs is difficult and easy. But don’t worry, here Blibli has summarized smart tips for choosing unique and memorable wedding souvenirs. Come on, take a look with these tips!

1. Adjust the Number of Invited Guests

Before deciding what kind of souvenir you want to buy, it is better to first determine the number of guests invited. The principle in buying wedding souvenirs, usually the more souvenirs you buy, the cheaper the price. On the other hand, the fewer souvenirs you get, the more expensive you get.

Keep in mind that when buying wedding souvenirs, do not let the amount purchased is too much and not too little. If you invite 400 invitations, you can increase the number of wedding souvenirs to 500 souvenirs.

2. Adjust to Budget

The more unique and luxurious the wedding souvenir is, the more expensive it will be. Better, adjust the budget first before deciding to buy wedding souvenirs. No need to worry if you have a minimal budget. This doesn’t mean you can’t get great souvenirs. It’s just how you choose it.

3. Choose Souvenirs That Can Be Used Everyday

Many brides often choose wedding souvenirs only based on their cute but not functional shape. So that these souvenirs can only be used as decoration and cannot be used. We recommend that you choose a wedding souvenir that the invited guests can use for the next. such as mugs, scarves, fans, goodie bags, and others.

Don’t forget to insert a thank you note and your and your partner’s names in the wedding souvenir. You can adjust the design of the writing on the souvenir with the invitation to make it look more matching and beautiful.

4. Choose Easy-to-Carry Souvenirs

Because usually invited guests come to the wedding only with a clutch or small bag, you should choose wedding souvenirs that are easy to carry. Do not let you make it difficult for guests when eating a buffet. If the wedding souvenir is too big, you can give souvenir coupons in advance which can later be exchanged when you go home with wedding souvenirs.

5. Adjust the concept of marriage and messages from a long time ago

If you have a special theme in your wedding, this will certainly make it easier for you to choose souvenirs. For example, if your wedding theme is going green , then the souvenirs you choose can be plants or plant seeds. Ordering unique souvenirs certainly can’t be for a moment. You need to prepare enough time to choose souvenirs so you can get the best vendors. We have recommendation for you that can be your souvenir wedding, you can buy in