Roll-up door, up-and-over door, etc.

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Depending on where it is used (private, industrial), you may be able to use a different garage door model. These are the most common garage door variants:

Rolling shutter and rolling grille

The roller door is also known as an industrial door because it is mainly used in industry. This garage door is particularly suitable for garages with little space. The roller shutter is rolled up into a box that is mounted on the ceiling. Compared to sectional doors, the rolling shutter / rolling grille wears out faster. It is not possible to install a wicket door / service door in the roller shutter. Alternatively, there are a few providers in Switzerland who offer a side door instead of a wicket door if there is enough space. In summary, the advantages of this door variant are:

Saves space as no space is required for the opening process

The roller door can ideally be used as an industrial door

Overhead door

An overhead door can be the ideal solution for a spacious garage that is close to the street or the sidewalk. A one-piece gate leaf tilts inwards when opened and does not swing out forwards. This model of garage door requires space. In contrast to sectional doors, the car cannot stand too close to the door. Overhead doors are available in a wide variety of materials and looks. If there is enough space, the overhead door is:

  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Unproblematic installation and dismantling
  • Easy to use

Sectional door

Sectional doors are mainly installed for private use. A big plus of this garage door variant is that it is very space-saving. A great advantage for garages that are close to streets or sidewalks. You have the choice between an overhead or side sectional door. The sectional door can be equipped with accessories such as hatch doors, ventilation openings and anti-trap protection as well as an electric drive.

Swing gate

Up-and-over doors are suitable for private individual garages, but many providers no longer offer them. A one-piece gate wing swings forwards and upwards when it is opened. You should therefore ensure that there is sufficient safety distance, as people passing by could be injured or objects and cars could be damaged. Up-and-over doors can be used for a wide variety of garage sizes (single, double, etc.). An electric up-and-over door can also be installed. Further advantages that up-and-over doors offer:

  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Available in a wide variety of materials and designs
  • Suitable for private use

Garage door prices Switzerland

Depending on the width (e.g. for a collective garage), accessories such as light barriers, a rod lock or a side door / wicket door, the costs for the specific door variant can vary. Whether spruce or aluminum, the surfaces of the garage doors can also influence the price. For example, simple roller shutters with an electric drive can be bought from around CHF 3,000. Further information on garage door prices can be found on our cost page .

Roller shutter, up-and-over door & Co. – which model is the right one?

The decisive factor when choosing the garage door model is the space in front of and in the garage. Up-and-over doors take up a lot of space in front of the garage, while up-and-over doors take up space in the garage. Sectional and roller doors have space-saving advantages in this regard. However, the material or the costs can also be decisive for you.

Gryps Tip: Get advice from a professional if you are unsure of your options. GRYPS helps you to find up to 3 suitable suppliers for garage doors easily and without obligation.

What types of surfaces and looks are there for garage doors?

Garage doors can be made of plastic, aluminum, wood or steel. Read more about Tip up garage doors Cape Town here. If thermal insulation plays a central role in your choice, garage doors made of wood and plastic are particularly suitable. You can also choose between the most diverse types of surfaces, gates are popular:

  • with beads that have horizontal depressions
  • in cassette look, with recessed boxes
  • The color of the garage door can also be selected individually, for example if the garage door is to blend in with the overall look of your home.
  • Quotation requests for garage doors
  • Sectional door (3000 x 2000 mm) for private individuals

A private person wants to have a garage door installed for the first time in a renovated shed . The goal should have a size of 3000 x 2000 mm. The customer wants an offer for a sectional door and an up-and-over door with an electric drive. Two hand-held transmitters are also required.

Garage door for collective garage

An architecture office needs a garage door with a powerful drive for the collective garage of a new building . It is planned that there will be space for 40 cars in the underground car park. The customer is interested in wooden garage doors. A wicket door can optionally be provided. An on-site appointment for the garage door provider is desired, as they would like to be advised.