Know All About Surface Pattern Design

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Surface pattern design means creating art for the surfaces of mass-manufactured products. This is an artwork that repeats in a pattern. It is done for wallpapers, wrapping papers, upholstery, quilting fabric, apparel fabric and even floor coverings. 

A surface pattern designer creates artwork that doesn’t repeat. When apparel is being designed, repeats need to be created for clothing but engineered designs would be made for dress borders, coordinating pants and shirt sets or any other materials. The same thing would hold when it comes to table linens, paper goods etc. The Print School, adobe photoshop classes .  Any art that is made to be manufactured in bulk on a product surface is called a surface pattern designing process.

Textile Design

Most people might think that textile designers belong to the same category like surface pattern designers. Textile designers not only focus on textile as a substrate but also have a very good understanding of technical aspects of fabric production suggest the weaving techniques, knit structures, fabric dye techniques and other parameters. In some cases, textile designers would be unable to reproduce the repeating designs. 

The printed textile design closely relates to surface pattern design and it needs an understanding of printing techniques specific to textiles. 

A product designer can be similar to a surface pattern designer. If you work with a company that makes various stationary or decor items, you might know well about creating art for the surface design of products, creating specifications for how the product is manufactured well. Garden designers should have a clear idea about materials, design principles, manufacturer restrictions and other specifications.

When it comes to designing products such as mugs or journals, you could turn out to be an Illustrator. They usually explain or tell some kind of story. When the artist’s main function is to make something pretty, it is more in the surface pattern design realm. 

Surface design, excluding the pattern, could explain designing for mass-manufactured products that are both patterned and engineered designs. It is meant for etching on handmade ceramic bowls or other items that are designed individually. Surface design is looked upon as any technique that can make changes on the surface of a fabric. This would include embroidery, weaving and felting. 

The difference you might observe between surface pattern design and various other modes of designing could sometimes be confusing. You will have to include various different types of designs too, if you are a surface pattern designer. Surface pattern design, The Print School is something that is a part of the art and design world. However, when you observe and look around, you can see patterns and designs in almost everything. Right from clothes, journals, paper towels, tissue boxes, rugs, home decor, dinnerware, socks and even phone cases. Things look very attractive when there are different patterns and designs on them and not boring and plain. 

Designing itself has wide categories. Designing on fabric could be one while designing on walls, wood, stones and other daily use products could all fall under various categories. Designing originated ages back and the techniques to design have also been evolving. Nowadays, designing has become easier when compared to traditional methods used to design until a few years back, thanks to technology.