How to Give Floral Prints an Edge

Floral prints are something that come and go as far as fashion is concerned; however, they tend to be quite busy, meaning they’re not ideal for every type of wearer. Flowers are often perceived to be girly and delicate, meaning those who prefer an edgier style may rule out floral prints completely. Despite this, this could be the biggest mistake that edgy individuals are making as, with the right accessories, floral prints can come off as quirky and cool, as opposed to girly and frilly.  

Similarly, many women struggle to sport floral prints without feeling like a four-year-old girl or even their grandmother’s curtains. Therefore, finding the right accessories is imperative when it comes to sporting floral clothing. 

After all, summer is around the corner, meaning that floral prints are slowly creeping back into all the high-street clothing stores. This year don’t shy away from them! Instead make sure you have the right accessories to give your floral prints an edge, rather than sticking with the traditional girlish perception. 

Pair Them with Hiking Boots

Gone are the days where pretty floral dresses must be worn with a dainty pair of sandals. Defeat this notion of primness and pair your floral dress with a pair of hiking boots. You may even take this grungy look further by clipping some chunky hair slides into your hair and wearing some bulky rings. You don’t need to choose one style and stick with it; it’s possible to tread the balance between girly and grungy and look great! These days, it’s not cool for everyone to look the same, so don’t hide yourself under floral prints, express yourself using them!

Pair Them with Black

Traditionally, flowers are associated with pastels; however, you don’t have to stick with this delicate color palette when sporting floral clothing. Instead, you can take it to the next extreme and wear black to make a real impact. Some of the most fashionable ensembles are achieved via an all-black ensemble with one floral item. Whether it be a jacket, a skirt, or a scarf, there are a multitude of ways that you can incorporate a floral piece into your all-black outfit. This is a great way to ensure that your outfit isn’t forgettable, which is unfortunately the case for most all-black ensembles. 

Pair Them with Chunky Boots

We’ve touched on hiking boots, but what about chunky heeled ankle boots. This style of boot came back into fashion a few years back and it’s yet to fade. Wearing this style of boot alongside a floral midi dress is a great way to sport that androgynous fashion appearance in the best way. The notion that flowers must be delicately worn is so outdated, and you can make this known with a pair of chunky boots that make an impact. Flowers don’t mean you can’t maintain a cool, punk rock image – in fact, they can even enhance this appearance in the most effective way!

Go for Detail Over Depth

When sporting floral prints, it’s vitally important that you don’t go in for overkill. One of the best ways to introduce floral prints into your outfit is by sporting a range of accessories that all tie into one another. For instance, a floral headband, floral earrings, and floral shoes. These small details will go a long way when tying an outfit together. No one wants to walk around looking like Grandma’s curtains so always be smart about the number of floral items you’re willing to wear, as well as the scale of these items. 

How do you feel about sporting floral prints this summer?