10 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Have you ever felt frustrated seeing your website’s page views not increasing? In fact, you have been diligent in updating content regularly, implementing various strategies to increase traffic , and even applying SEO basics and tips. In order not to be frustrated anymore, try implementing 6 ways to increase website page views so that traffic is stable throughout the year which Redcomm shares with you this time. 

Definition and How to Calculate Page View

Page views are the number of pages on a website or blog that are opened by visitors. In this case, visitors can be humans, can also be bots or robots from search engines. 

How to calculate the number of page views, or PV for short, is that every one visitor opens your website page once, the page views will also amount to one. If the same visitor opens another page on the same website , the number of page views also increases.

Tips to Increase Website Page View in Easy Way

The more page views, aka the number of pages that are visited and read by visitors, the website traffic also increases. In addition, if your website is a business website or an online store website , of course, the chances of conversion that you expect will be even greater. 

The question now is, how to increase the number of visits on the website ? Well, here are 6 ways to increase website page views so that traffic is stable all the time.

Create Content with a Specific Niche

What kind of content can increase page views ? It is highly recommended that you load content with a specific niche or theme according to the theme of your website . For example, like the Redcomm website you are currently reading. Because the Redcomm industry is a digital agency in Jakarta that handles internet marketing strategies, social media and digital marketing, digital business, brand consultants, branding companies, ad agency websites , and the like, the article content on this website has a lot of digital marketing themes, social media campaign , KOL management, even other business related tips.

So, it would be nice if you determine in advance a niche or website theme that is tailored to the business or branding you want to build. If so, create content, whether in the form of SEO friendly articles , infographics, videos, and so on, related to the theme. 

Don’t forget to also create evergreen content that internet users are looking for throughout the year. These evergreen content will be able to increase page views and traffic for your website on an ongoing basis.

Do Keyword Research

Before writing, do keyword research . For example, you want to write about Types of SEO Optimization , then the keyword you are aiming for can be “SEO optimization the easy way” for example. You can use third-party applications or devices to do this keyword research , such as using the UberSuggest site, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, or other credible sites to check the strength of these keywords . 

If the research results from these keywords are not good, you can replace them with other keywords that are more powerful and on target, and are still in accordance with the content theme and theme of your website . 

Research keywords is one of the tips to increase page view (PV) website the most potent. The purpose of keyword research is to observe and find out the potential competition for the keywords you are aiming for in the SERP or Google search engine . The better your article ranks, the more likely it is to get viewers on your website . 

Keyword Repetition in Original and Unique Content

After finding the right keywords , do the repetition of keywords that are spread evenly in the article. Usually, in a 500-word article, the keyword is repeated 4 to 8 times. Not too little, but not too much either. Articles that have too many repetitions of keywords, let alone scattered in articles carelessly, will make the article uncomfortable to read, as well as being considered by Google as an act of spamming . Be clever in processing words so that the sentences inserted with keywords are still easy to read. 

Even though you are asked to repeat keywords, keep creating original and unique content and articles. You are here not only to win a position in the search engines, but also to please your readers so that they will visit your website often . 

Instead, avoid articles that contain sensational news, gossip, hoaxes or other forms of article writing that only pursue the number of page views . It is better to write with other themes that are informative and useful. Loyal readers will come alone if the content you create is good.

Use Internal and External Links

Use internal and external links in every article on your website . Internal links have the benefit of increasing the number of website pages viewed and read by visitors. 

Meanwhile, you can use external links as a strategy to promote content. External links will make your website look more trusted by search engines. In addition, the main benefit of including other sources that strengthen the content of your content, will be to make visitors more trusting so that they get more references they need. Automatically, they can become loyal visitors to your website .

Some ways to increase website page views so that traffic is stable throughout this year can also be complemented by diligently sharing posts on your website on various social media that you have to reach more readers. If you want to know more about increasing business website traffic , you can also contact getreviewed.org