Tips for Overcoming Brittle and Cracked Nails

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Causes of damaged nails can vary, ranging from age factors, injuries, or medical conditions that should be checked by a doctor. Then, what kind of nail damage is normal and what is not?

Healthy nails will have a smooth surface and a consistent, bright color. On the other hand, damaged nails can be in the form of bumpy, cracked nail surfaces, spots due to certain injuries, or other conditions that indicate disease in the body.

Most causes of broken nails are harmless and can be easily treated with lifestyle changes. Others require medical treatment from a doctor.

Beautiful nails are every woman’s dream. Because of its small shape, sometimes nail care is forgotten by some women. Though nails also have an important role to make a perfect appearance.

Nail problems that are often faced by women are cracked nails. Cracked nails make the fingers that should look beautiful become unsightly. If you face this problem, don’t worry. There are some tips you can do to overcome it.

According to the page, the right thing to deal with cracked nails is to find out the cause. Here is a review of the causes of cracked nails.

1. Dryness of

nails can also experience dryness. As with other organs, when the nails experience dryness, the nails will crack. To overcome this you can apply a special moisturizer for nails. Apply moisturizer every night so that your nails become strong. Nail moisturizers usually contain proteins such as keratin and collagen, occlusives such as petrolatum, mineral oil or lanolin, and humectants such as urea or lactic acid. 

2. Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals such as dish soap or detergent can make your nails brittle and cracked. Choose dish soap or detergent that is suitable for your skin and nails to avoid brittleness and cracking of the nails. But this you can use Cracked nail Repair

3. Use Gloves

If you really have to frequently be exposed to chemicals as described above, you can use gloves. You can choose plastic or rubber gloves to keep your hands smooth and your nails beautiful.