Tips for choosing glasses for a round face, don’t choose thick frames

Choosing glasses for some people is a rather difficult and tricky thing. Choosing glasses can not just choose, there is an art to choose glasses that match our faces. Especially if you have a round face. If you choose the wrong glasses, it can make your face chubby. Instead of making you look cooler, it makes you feel less confident. Choosing glasses not only prioritizes appearance, but also prioritizes comfort when worn. Don’t make the wrong choice of glasses.

Choosing glasses is not only seen from the minus size or other eye problems. But choosing glasses must pay attention to the model of the frame and whether the glasses you buy are suitable or not. First, make sure the frame matches your face. When buying glasses, there are several things you should pay attention to.

First you have to pay attention to the shape of the glasses . Second, pay attention to the model of the eyeglass frame. Glasses that fit a round face usually have a D-frame shape and a wayfarer model. The best glasses for round faces are glasses that are neither oval nor round. Apart from being considered from the side of the frame, what you have to pay attention to next can be in terms of color selection. Gold color can help shape your face to look smaller.

1. Pay attention to the selection of frames

The selection of frames for round faces and oval faces is very different. If you have a round face, you should avoid oval or round frame models. This is because a frame with an oval shape makes your face more chubby. In addition, the frame with a round shape makes the jaw and cheeks wider. Therefore the solution is to choose glasses with a rectangular shape. The long frame shape makes your face look slim. You can choose frames with D-frame, wayfarer, pointly detail, aviator, and cat eye models.

2. Color selection affects

The next tip you have to pay attention to the handle of the glasses. Glasses that have slightly light colored algae make the cheekbones look up. That way the face looks thinner. Besides being able to choose clear colored glasses, other recommended colors are bright colors, and silver or metal.

3. Right size

Choosing the right size for round faces is actually not that difficult because there is no right size. But to choose the model of your glasses, it is not recommended to choose glasses with small algae. You have to choose a size that fits your face. When choosing, note that the frame falls over the cheek, not under the cheek.

4. Don’t choose thick frames

Most people choose glasses with black frames and you can buy in Because the black frame will make the face look slim. In addition, the dark frame of the glasses used shows a firm face and attracts attention. However, choosing a frame that is too thick makes the contours of the face heavy. The thick frame actually gives the impression that the face is too full so that it predominantly covers the face. Therefore, glasses frames that are too thick make the face bigger. So you are better advised to choose thin eyeglass frames.