Tips for choosing a Big Size Dress Model to Look Slimmer

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Looking for big size clothes for those who are fat today is no longer a difficult thing. Various models, patterns, and colors of large size clothing can be found in several places, both in modern and traditional markets, in boutiques and small shops, as well as in several online shops that specifically sell large size clothing.

The convenience of being able to obtain large-sized clothing makes it no longer difficult for those who are big size to be able to look trendy, both at home and when they have to attend certain events. With this convenience, those with big size bodies can determine the most suitable large size clothes so that their appearance can look slimmer.

Among the various models of women’s clothing available, dresses are the ones that are most often worn by those who are big in size, because apart from being appropriate to wear anywhere and on any occasion, they are also the most comfortable to wear in everyday life. Therefore, in this article, we will share tips on choosing a dress model for those who are big in size. Here are tips you can try:

Choose V-Neck Model

Dresses with open collars or Sabrina’s collars or V-neck models are most suitable for those who have a large body size, especially those who have a large neck and chest. By wearing an open collared dress, a woman with a big size will look taller, slimmer, look level and attractive.

Pay attention to the shape of the waist

A slim impression will also be obtained by a big size woman when she wears a large size dress, the dress she wears can camouflage the shape of the waist, so that a large waist in the eyes of others will look slimmer. The trick is to choose a dress that has two parts, namely tops and bottoms. If the dress you are wearing is a canal, try to wear a belt that is thin in size and has the same color as the dress you are wearing. Wear the belt below the waist line to give the impression of a slim body.

Minimalist Details and Patterns

The minimalist details and patterns of large-sized clothes will help big-sized women to appear slimmer. This does not mean the clothes have to be plain. Dresses with motifs are also not prohibited, as long as the motifs are not too crowded. Try to choose a dress with a vertical motif and avoid horizontal motifs because it will make the body seem wider. If it has a floral pattern, choose a small floral motif and not a large floral motif.

Choose the Right Color

Color has the ability to camouflage the view. That’s why fat women should really pay attention to color choices when buying big size clothes. Choose dark colors because it will be able to disguise the size of a fat body so that it looks slimmer. Dark colors don’t have to be black, they can also be navy blue, brown, gray and so on.

So some tips in choosing a dress model for those of you who are big size. You can buy Wholesale plus size clothing by visiting