Tips and ideas for painting home

Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors

The art of being a painter is not just taking a brush, a bowl, painting and painting like crazy as if the world was ending. There is much more behind and a series of guidelines and tricks for painting walls that we must take into account so that they are finished with a homogeneous and professional finish on the surface to be treated, be it a wall or a complete room, a piece of furniture or whatever. price.

Currently,  there are many techniques for painting smooth or rough walls, there are many other tools and in finishes we find ourselves in a range that we can literally lose ourselves in a thousand colors and reliefs that really surprise.

New techniques in painting on walls such as not finishing painting a wall (It is fashionable) even if it seems little tempting. Actually, there are hundreds of techniques.

Use the technique of “color blocks or color blocking” which is about combining pieces, objects and surfaces of different colors, mainly in planes and with colors that stand out or use special rollers with reliefs that will print the painting with drawings on the surface imitating the style of wallpaper but with a tempting finish.

An infinity of finishes can offer us from House painting lincoln from the quality and professionalism, in addition to offering us these eleven ideas and tricks to paint the walls and not screw up.

How to paint a wall?

In this article we are going to give the guidelines on how to paint walls  and methods in a coherent and simple way from the perspective of a professional, so before going to buy anything, we are going to review some necessary ideas.

To determine how to paint a wall before we will have to ask ourselves two simple questions:

What are we going to paint?

Determining the surface on which we are going to act when painting a wall is essential to avoid overdoing our budget. So think carefully that we want to change or strengthen in more vivid colors. Remember that the roof also exists!

How much paint do we need for a wall?

How to calculate the necessary paint for walls is very easy, whether for exterior or interior we just have to do a few simple calculations to obtain the surface on which we are going to act.

A useful note. Do not subtract the doors or windows from the surface …. Why? It is always worth more than on missing material, then we can reuse it, give a new layer or save it for an emergency. Going back to the store is a good increase in spending from our initial budget.

When we already have the total area in square meters (Remember to add all the rooms, if applicable, and see if we are going to give a hand or two). When we are in the store, we will only have to see on the label of the cans, what is called the  performance of the paint,  which is indicated on the cans in square meters per liter (m 2 / L).

Tips for painting walls :

  • Giving a coat of paint or two mainly depends on the quality of it, so if we buy quality, then only one coat is missing.
  • Keep in mind that gotelé or rough walls normally absorb between 30 – 40% more paint if we want to see good results.
  • Remember that in the case of effect paints, you actually have to apply a sealer primer beforehand for it to grip well. (Always recommend asking in store)