The Ultimate Buying Guide for Air Jordans

Do you want to add Air Jordans to your sneaker collection but you don’t know where to start? Air Jordans are popular due to their exclusive releases and uniqueness.

You may be drawn to them because they offer great foot support and comfort. Both men’s and women’s Air Jordans feature high-quality materials and are more expensive than other sneakers. You may also spot famous actors, entertainers, and athletes rocking them.

While buying Air Jordans may be a good idea, you have to shop for the best deal. If you are new to the Jordans world, it may be overwhelming for you to find the right sneakers. Here’s a detailed guide that will help simplify the buying process for you:

Average Costs for Air Jordan Sneakers

Air Jordan 1 sneakers, which are the most popular Jordans, range from $90 to $170. Furthermore, the average price of both women’s and men’s Air Jordans is $145. The most expensive air Jordans include the Jordan 11 Blackout Edition ($21,780) and the autographed Jordan 1 ($25,000).

The sneakers came into existence when Michael Jordan signed a five-year footwear deal with Nike. They were marketed as a luxury product to match Michael Jordan’s playing style and talent. Air Jordans helped bring sportswear into the mainstream as they were selling out fast.

Newer versions of the Jordan sneakers have been released with different price tags. The current costs of the sneakers depend on their demand and exclusive release. Be aware of cheap Air Jordans since they may feature substandard material.

High Top or Low Cut

Depending on your tastes, you can buy Air Jordans as high top, mid, or low cut sneakers. The low-cut designs are more minimalistic and lightweight than all Air Jordan sneakers. They are ideal for less intense activities such as shorter hikes and trails.

Mid Air Jordans come with a higher collar to lock out dirt and pebbles. They feature a metal lacing hook for tightening the laces and holding your feet in place. These shoes are also easy to style since they pair well with different designs of pants and shorts.

The high-top designs offer more ankle support since their laces go above your ankle bones. They can give you support against sprains when walking, running, or playing. Choose the Jordans depending on the type of ankle support you expect from them.

Color Options

Air Jordans come in different color schemes to match the tastes and preferences of sneaker enthusiasts. The common colorways you may find include OG and New colorway.

The OG colorway represents the original color scheme a Nike Air Jordan sneaker had at its release. For instance, the OG colorway for Jordan 1 is black and red, while Jordan 4 is white cement.

Jordan 1s had a color scheme based on Chicago Bulls (Michael Jordan’s team) colors. New releases have drawn color inspirations from different sources.

The Jordan brand usually releases new colorways for old Jordan sneakers to draw in fans. Check out the release dates from their website if colorways on new Air Jordans appeal to you.

Retro Vs. OG Jordans

Retro Jordans are re-releases of the popular Air Jordan models, which range from I to XVIII. Though they have the same design, they feature different materials due to technological advances. Jordan retro shoes include the Jordan 1 Retro, Jordan Retro 10, and Jordan 7 Retro.

OG Jordans, on the other hand, are models of Air Jordans that feature minor changes. The Jordan brand usually releases these models to profit from their popularity. Examples of OG models include Jordan 1 Shadow, Jordan 3 Black Cement, and Jordan 4 Military.


Shop for an Air Jordan sneaker depending on your foot measurements for comfort and support. If you’re getting them from a physical store, put them on and stand in them with socks on your fit. Try walking around in them to determine whether they fit well.

Well-fitting sneakers should feel comfortable around your heels without slipping. If you’re buying them for playing, they should have some toe space for increased comfort.

Measure your feet at least one day before buying Jordans to avoid getting tight shoes. Stand up as you measure the feet for them to spread out across the floor. Determine the length between your heel and the joints on your toes.

Leave an allowance of 1/8 inch at the back of your heel for a comfortable fit. You may develop blisters or skin irritation if the shoe is too tight.

Do They Complement Your Wardrobe?

Jordan sneakers are usually available in several color schemes and designs. You should pair multicolored Jordans with a matching outfit to look stylish.

Check whether the color options of your outfits match the type of sneaker you want to buy. If you only want a few pairs, only get them in neutral colors such as grey, white and black. These color options go well with any outfit.

You can also match the color schemes of the shoes to fashion accessories like a bag or hat. Air Jordans pair up well with watches, neckpieces, and bracelets for a stylish look depending on their colorways.

Where to Buy Air Jordan Sneakers Online

You can shop for your favorite Jordan shoes from countless sneaker websites. These sites have different price tags and shipping policies for the shoes. Always zoom in on the accompanying photos to get a sense of the shoe’s finish and quality.

The online retailer/seller should have clear photos of the shoes taken from different angles. Look for pictures of the sneakers worn by models to give you a styling guide. Remember to check the site’s sizing and conversion chart for your foot measurements.

Begin with a test order if you’re getting the shoe online for the first time. Look at their offers on Jordan sneakers to determine whether they can get you a great deal. You should also review their return and exchange policies before checking out.

What’s Next After Buying Air Jordans?

You can now shop around for your favorite Air Jordans with these tips as your guide. Compare prices from different sneaker websites and choose a favorable one. Remember to read reviews about the retailers/sellers and ask for references before buying.

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