Sunglasses: How to Choose Your Lenses, Benefits and Risks

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The sunglasses are an ophthalmological supervision indicated for protection from ultraviolet rays ( UV ). Especially in summer, when opportunities to spend a very long time to ‘ open air are greater and exposure to reflective surfaces (beaches, sea or meadows) is more probable, the eyes are heavily stressed and need special attention, at the same skin way to the sun .
Sunglasses: what are they?
The European Union classifies sunglasses as ” Personal Protective Equipment” (PPE). Ophthalmic lenses equipped with selective filters for ultraviolet (UV) rays perform, in fact, the function of protecting the ocular structures from the risks due to solar radiation .
For this reason, sunglasses must be manufactured in a workmanlike manner and comply with pre-established safety and quality standards.
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Sunglasses: what are they for?
Sunglasses are essential protection in order not to compromise sight, as they shield the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and reduce intense brightness, responsible for a reduction in visibility and various ailments such as: eye irritation, eyelid dermatitis , conjunctivitis and keratitis.
Furthermore, ultraviolet rays trigger an excessive production of free radicals , responsible for the aging of cells and tissues (including eyes). Over time, this phenomenon can favor the progressive opacification of the lens (structure that filters and projects light on the retina ) which can lead to the development of cataracts . Blue light – in the visible spectrum, bordering UV rays – instead increases the risk of macular degeneration .
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We have been waiting for it for a long time and it is finally here! We are obviously talking about summer, the time of year in which you could consider buying one or more pairs of sunglasses , which could complete what will be your summer clothing, as well as protect your eyes from the dangerous rays of the sun. In this regard, we inform you that  Hawkers , the well-known Spanish brand specializing in the sale of sunglasses, has again activated the 2 × 1 promotion , which will allow you to buy two pairs of glasses for the price of one .
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This specific model, as well as many others, is built in Swiss TR90 , known as the best nylon for frames, able to offer flexibility and resistance . In addition, the lenses are category 3 and have UV400 protection , which is necessary for your eyes to defend themselves from the intense sunlight typical of this period. The contents of the package are also excellent, as there is a personalized microfiber lining, a personalized case and a set of decorative stickers. In short, if you are short of sunglasses for this summer, you cannot miss the Hawkers 2 × 1 ,  also because the shipping will be free.
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