Non-Enhanced Diamonds Vs Clarity Enhanced Diamonds – Which One is Better?

Whenever people think of diamonds they associate polished, non-enhanced diamonds that cost a fortune. Consumers think that the have to spend a fortune to get the best diamond. This is not true and there are options available that consumers don’t know exist. Wouldn’t you want to get the most for your money and a bigger diamond too? I know I would and I am sure many will attest that shopping for a diamond can be overwhelming at times. So let’s make it a little easier for….

Clarity Enhanced diamonds…have you ever heard of them before? These diamonds have been in the industry for over 2 decades. They provide customers with options. On a limited budget you can have twice the size of a diamond for half the cost, since they are at least 50% off the current Rapaport list. You have more room to play with for what you may want. These are hand selected natural diamonds that come from the ground that have visible inclusions. Not all diamonds are suitable for treatment and the ones that are go through a diligent process. Where the inclusion is removed by being vacuumed out and replace with a diamond like substance. As a result the diamond’s clarity will improve by one grade and correcting the refraction index of the diamond, thus affecting the overall brilliance of the diamond. You can purchase a nice 1.00ct F-G SI1 for $2000 whereas a non-enhanced would be at least twice that amount according to the Rapaport list. Now you don’t have to spend a fortune on a diamond and take a hit in the pocket. Some wholesale vendors even offer a lifetime guarantee should anything ever happen to the treatment in the diamond. As well as allow to you upgrade to a bigger diamond at a later time. Check out for such offers.

Most of all shop around do your research and obtain a certificate with your diamond so that it can insure. I would recommend shopping on eBay or on the online market place. You will be to find great deals and be able to get a diamond at wholesales prices. Why shop retail and spend 3x the cost of an item? I recommend, they offer a lifetime guarantee with a free appraisal and resizing if needed.

Many people believe that anything besides a non-enhanced diamond has to be a fake. Never heard of something and are afraid of experimenting? Or you think you have to pay a lot? Such ideals limit people from having options. When purchasing a non-enhanced diamond you will pay more and get less. You will also be more limited to choose carat size over clarity over color over cut because of the Rapaport list, which is the current market value list, versus what is in your pocket. Make your money work for you.

To reiterate there is nothing wrong with non-enhanced diamonds, but they often restrict consumers and prevent from getting everything they may want in a diamond. When there is so much to take into consideration when you decide to get married, such as a home, a wedding and other costly expenses have one less to worry about is always ideal. That is why having the option to purchase a more affordable diamond seems like hands down the better deal. Everyone wants choices, wouldn’t you like to shop online and tell the vendor how much you want to pay for a ring? Well you can do exactly that because now you are an educated consumer who has options and wants what they want and will demand nothing less.

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