Don’t be wasteful, these are tips for choosing safe skincare

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Having bright, radiant skin free from acne, black spots, and glowing is the dream of most women.

Not a few women who spend quite a lot to have clean facial skin, starting from shopping for products, consulting and beauty treatments, to surgery.

However, not infrequently, a large investment is also not a solution due to choosing the wrong skin care product.

Unfortunately, when it comes to buying cosmetic products, Indonesian women are still considered less careful in choosing. The knowledge of Indonesian consumers is not directly proportional to the number of products on the market.

So what should consumers know before buying skin and facial care products?

1. Carefully choose skincare

The use of skincare is one of the most effective ways to deal with facial skin problems to make it healthier and glowing. But in practice, of course, it must be adjusted between the skincare content and the skin problem at hand.

2. Pay attention to the content of natural ingredients

Pevonia Botanica, which is a natural ingredient in skincare that is suitable for facial skin problems such as dull skin, black spots, a lot of dead skin that has accumulated, and wants to keep facial skin moist.

One of the skincare that contains natural ingredients is Pevonia Botanica. This local beauty product is rich in hero ingredients that are good for the skin, and contains natural ingredients such as centella asiatica, niacinamide, xylitol, allantoin, algae extract, cucumber extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract.

3. Having BPOM

Food and Drug Supervisory Agency certification is the main requirement for safe cosmetic products to use. One example is Pevonia Botanica. This local brand already has a permit, which can be checked directly on the company’s official website. For your recommendation, you can use skincare from Pevonia Botanica.

4. Complete

Pevonia Botanica care package is a daily skincare package that can be used by both women and men. With ingredients that are safe for all skin types and easy to absorb, Pevonia Botanica is able to provide many good benefits for facial skin that is having problems. One Pevonia Botanica skincare package contains 3 items that can be used regularly.

5. Customer service

In addition to the best natural ingredients and a complete skincare package, the best customer service from Pevonia Botanica customer service is always ready to serve every day.