Complete Guide To Tactical Gear and Clothing Maintenance

How to Maintain Tactical Gear & Clothing for Military – Reconbrothers

Tactical gear and clothing are an essential part of the entire kit, and this is why making sure they are in good condition is crucial. One can spend thousands of dollars on tactical gear and clothing since they are available in a wide variety of ranges, but if they are not maintained well, they will end up in the trash can. The life of tactical gear and clothing might be partially dependent on its quality, but it’s heavily reliant on how the tactical gear and clothing owner maintains it.

But the bitter truth is most people are sluggish when it comes to cleaning and maintaining tactical gear and clothing, and such laziness can easily burn a hole in their pocket. It doesn’t matter how costly the gear is; if it is not maintained well, it will lose its optimal performance. And this means buying completely new tactical gear and clothing again.

So, as for today, we have come up with some of the best tips that you can use to maintain tactical gear and clothing without any hassle properly.

The need of maintaining proper gear

You must have heard that if you take care of your gear, the gear will take care of you. But still, in most cases, people generally ignore the efforts when it comes down to maintaining their gear. Mostly, people throw their gear in a corner until they need it again, but this is not the right way of dealing with any tactical gear and clothing bought from an outdoor store.

Exposure to elements

If you are using a tactical kit, then there are maximum chances that it will get exposed to sand, dust, dirt, mud, and water, which creates a structural weakness to the gear. This is also one of the essential reasons why maintaining tactical garments from an outdoor store is crucial.

Exposure to salt

Exposure to salt water is one of the most common things that can happen to a tactical kit. But since saltwater is highly corrosive, it can ultimately damage the gear. And exposure to salt occurs more than your expectation in most cases.

Burning a hole in the pocket

If maintaining the tactical gear is not on the list of your weekly or monthly routine, then there are maximum chances that this habit will burn a hole in your pocket. Not maintaining the tactical gear means letting the tactical gear slowly die, and then buying a completely new gear is the only option left. 

Tips for maintaining and cleaning tactical gear and clothing

Burn all the loose threads

The fabric-based products in the tactical gear and clothing always make some threads come over time, and the only option that you have to deal with this issue is to burn the loose threads completely. Burning the thread means shortening it, and this creates a molten part that prevents further loosening.

Clean velcro pads

In addition to this, making sure that your velcro pads are completely clean and in perfect shape is also crucial. No one owning a tactical gear or kit bought from an outdoor shop wishes to use patches, so cleaning the velcro pads is crucial.

Get rid of muds, stains, and dirty spots

All you need to get rid of the mud, dirty spots, and stains is a simple brush as it removes muds and spots pretty easily. You can also go soaking the gear in a mixture of water and filter soap that contains fewer chemicals.

Keep tabs on the temperature

If you plan to wash your tactical gear, it becomes necessary to make sure that you are not cleaning it with too cold or too hot water as it will damage its fabric and the clothing starts losing its strength. The ideal temperature for washing the tactical clothing is around 36 F.

Use the right product

If you are using technical fiber, it becomes crucial to make sure that you are using only specially made products for washing tactical fibers. Using general washing products for tactical fiber results in loss of longevity and functionality of such products.

Maintaining tactical gear and clothing is not that difficult, but most people are pretty lazy about it. If you don’t want to buy new gear and burn a hole in your pocket after spending thousands of dollars on your existing gear, then you should master the art of tactical gear maintenance. Just use this blog post as a guide and make the most of your gear.