Beautiful Mess by Diamond Rio

Beautiful Mess is a song that was recorded by the country music band Diamond Rio in 2002. It’s also the title of their new book. I’m a fan of their music and I was excited to get a review copy of the book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson. Diamond Rio is a very successful band and I loved getting a look into their personal lives and career obstacles.

The book begins in 2005 with a concert that didn’t go well. Lead singer, Marty Roe wasn’t singing well and some people, including the other five band members thought they were at the end of their careers. Then the book goes back twenty years in time to the band’s early days, tells how they got together and provides biographies of the band members. The men share their struggles in both their professional lives and personal lives and relate how friendship and faith helped keep them together. Readers also learn about their charity work, especially with the Big Brother/Big Sister organization.

The pace of the book started out slow but picked up and held my interest. There’s lots of fascinating history relating to country music. Black and white pictures are included and add a lot to the narrative. I was impressed by the band’s commitment and the hard work that led them to achieve success in the music business. Their story is inspiring. They stuck together through thick and thin, stayed true to their music and resisted using drugs and playing around. They stress that there is always hope, even when you think you’ve hit bottom. Lead singer Marty Roe hopes that their story will encourage readers and show that a mess can become beautiful. I think they’ve succeeded.

This is a NelsonFree Edition, meaning you will get the book in three formats. Purchase the hard copy and you can download a free audio book and a free e-book for one price.

Publisher: Thomas Nelson (September 15, 2009)

ISBN-13: 978-1595552686

Hardcover: 288 pages

Price: $24.99

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