Appropriate Flowers to Give on Valentine’s Day

Flowers are a versatile and classic gifting option, no matter what the occasion is. Be it a wedding, a birthday, or valentine’s day, flowers can never be an inappropriate gift; other than that, you can also give flowers as an accompanying present with an extravagant gift.

Now the dilemma arises with what flower to give on what occasion, especially for valentine’s day. A myth goes around that roses are the only flowers you can give as a symbol of love. But that is not right; there are various beautiful and delicate flowers you can give your partner to show your love.

Let’s see what flowers are the best for valentine’s day gifts.


Sunflowers are extremely underrated as a gifting option and are an amazing vibrant flower to give to your loved ones. The vibrant yellow color will never refrain from bringing joy to your partner’s face once you will give them the flowers. A bunch of well bloomed, beautiful sunflowers can be turned into an amazing bouquet with laces, nets, and ribbons and turned into a great gift effortlessly.


If you plan to give a bouquet, always incorporate orchids in it. Orchids can be mixed with other flowers, or a bouquet can be made solely with them as well. The best part is that orchids are available in innumerable beautiful colors like blue, lavender, yellow, red, etc. blue is such a unique color which is very rare in flowers, but with orchids, you will get it easily.


Lilies are classic and elegant and an amazing gifting option as well. People mostly give lilies for anniversaries, but they are amazing for valentine’s day as well. Cream-colored or pink-colored lilies are the best if you are looking for something delicate and elegant. They can be bunched together to create a bouquet with complementing colored laces and ribbons as well.


These come in vibrant colors like orange, yellow, red and are big in size as well. Ranunculus can be bunched together to form a huge bouquet considering the circular and bigger sizes of the flowers. These are also extremely long-lasting.


Tulips are a bit hard to find, but if you get them, make sure you are incorporating them into your bouquet. Tulips are available in various colors, and each color represents a special meaning. So if you are thinking of giving something that is thoughtful yet effortless, then get tulips of the specific color depicting your feeling for the recipient.

Eternity Roses

Roses are the most common flowers and are classic and versatile gifting options. But eternity roses are different from conventional roses. As the name says, these are long-lasting and can persist for a long period of time with the recommended care as well. Eternity roses are an amazing gifting option as they will not perish away with time easily. If you don’t want to experiment with the flowers but look forward to giving something out of the box, then eternity roses are the best option.