8 types of bikini with wave for you

How to choose the swimsuit or bikini that suits you, according to your body shape. Ysabel Mora has developed a guide where she, after 30 years of experience in the design of swimwear, she marks what she favors the most according to the shoulders, chest, waist and hips.

Bikini Buying Guide: Flattering swimwear for every shape | Beach Luxe

Choosing a good swimsuit or bikini is one of the top goals on the summer shopping list. And even more this strange summer in which buying clothes in physical stores has been impossible, until now, in many places in Spain and we have had to pull our eyes and imagination to know how the clothes were until they arrived home in a package. Choose your bikini here and buy yours today at useamazona.com.br.


We love these models! Suggestive but elegant, the bandeau bikinis have a top similar to a conventional bra but the straps that tie around the neck can be removed creating a feeling of enhancement of the breast volume that feels great.


One of the girl’s favorites! The classic triangle bikini is ideal for girls with a little chest or for those who have a wide back, since the shoulder width is visually reduced.


A beautiful, high-impact bikini. Let’s say the front covers enough, but the back is narrower so it is ideal to show off your curves.

Halter Style

This type of bikini has a particularity: the upper part is in the shape of a triangle but sewn in the center to give more support to the chest and it has straps that are tied behind to enhance this area and give it greater voluptuousness. They are very comfortable, sexy and practical.


A larger swimsuit has a comfortable T-shirt shape on the upper part that allows to hide issues that have to do with the chest or stomach.


An ultra sexy option that mixes the comfort of a full bathing suit and the look of a bikini.


The top of the halter model has a closed neckline and a rectangular or square shape at the neckline to enhance the bust. Leave your arms, back and shoulders free. It is a perfect option to give focus to the torso and shoulders. In the case of short girls, it is highly recommended as it stylizes the figure and achieves a dreamy style.


If you love sporty style, watch out for the full sporty models with wide elastic straps for the shoulders and a V-neckline at the back.

You already have the keys you need to choose your perfect swimsuit according to our bikini types guide. Always remember that this is a guide to guide you and highlight the strengths of your body; however, it all depends on your tastes and your preferred aesthetic. The important thing is to feel amazing about yourself.