5 Safe Ways to Shop Online from Abroad

The Best Ways to Pay for Products You buy from Abroad

Choose a Trusted Online Shopping Site

The number of online shopping sites available from abroad may confuse you. Therefore, the first step you have to do is choose a trusted online shopping site .

Before deciding which online shopping site you want to use, you can do a little research by looking at reviews or reviews from previous consumers, either through videos or writings containing their opinions. 

After you know the opinions of consumers on several online shopping sites , you can sort and choose which site is the most convincing. If you doubt the security of an online shopping site , leave the shopping site immediately to avoid fraud.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Reading the terms and conditions is an important thing to do when shopping online from abroad, especially the terms and conditions for the payment process and delivery of goods listed on online shopping sites . Make sure you have read and fully understood the terms and conditions that apply before deciding to follow up on the online shopping process .

Policies from online shopping sites from abroad generally include some information, ranging from payment methods, shipping costs, delivery duration to policies if the goods are not received or are in a damaged condition (warranty). All this information needs to be understood so that you get guarantees if a problem occurs during the process.

Fill in enough personal data

When making transactions, especially transactions abroad, include enough and minimal personal data to prevent data misuse. If certain parties ask you to fill in irrelevant personal data such as your birthday and occupation, you must be vigilant and definitely not fill in the personal data.

Pay attention to the delivery service

Currently, there are many freight forwarding services that provide delivery for both domestic and international areas. However, you must be observant in choosing the delivery service for the goods you buy online from abroad to avoid loss or fraud.

The safe way that you can apply in this regard is to use a delivery service that is well known in the country and has a good image among the public. Good shipping services usually get positive testimonials or reviews from their users.

Next, look at the coverage area for delivery of goods. Make sure your goods will arrive at the destination and not just stop in certain areas. If this happens, you may be charged an additional fee ( extra charge ) by the authorities for delivery to the destination.

Know Taxes at Customs

Talking about purchasing goods from abroad, you should first look at the taxes that will be imposed by Indonesian Customs. As a recipient of goods shipped from abroad, you must bear the risk of imposition of customs taxes or import duties.

Please note that for goods worth less than $50, you will be exempt from paying import duties. However, for the value of goods that exceed $50, you will be charged VAT, PPh, and PPnBM fees according to the value of the goods purchased. You can pay these taxes through the post office, airport, or other institutions.

Those are some safe ways that you can apply when shopping online from abroad. Hopefully it is useful and can be the right guide for you when you want to shop online from abroad, OK!

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