Tips for choosing a women’s bag, check it out so that it fits your needs

How to Choose the Right Woman Bag!

The development of the fashion world has also influenced the types and forms of women’s bags. This of course makes women confused in choosing. 

In addition to supporting appearance, the most important function of the bag is a place to carry goods when traveling or leaving the house. Therefore, here are tips for choosing a bag to suit your needs. Come on!

1. Know the Function of the Bag

Before buying or choosing a bag, it’s good to know the function of the bag model. Consider whether the function is in accordance with the needs or not, because of course the bags that are present have various models and different sizes, adapted to different forms of activities and events when traveling.

2. Choose the Right Size

The size of the bag can be adjusted according to needs, depending on the amount of luggage that will be included later. The size of the bag is also adjusted to how much space is needed. For example, a large bag is used to carry a lot of things and a little heavy.

There are also small bags that are usually used as a complement and sweetener for appearance, and can only be filled with a few items such as cellphones, wallets, and others. For your reference, you can read reviews of designer bags

3. Make sure the quality of the bag matches the price

When choosing a bag, you should consider the quality and the basic materials for making the bag, because quality is related to durability. Of course you don’t want to buy something that is easily damaged, right?

In addition, make sure that you are not only tempted by the low price, but also be careful not to be deceived because it could be that the item is just an imitation. The point is, buy a bag according to your needs and according to the contents of your pocket.

4. Adjust to Body Proportions

When choosing a bag, it would be better if it was adjusted to the shape of the body. In addition to paying attention that the bag functions according to needs, paying attention to form must also be considered.

Because, the other side of the usefulness of the bag is to beautify the appearance. For petite women, avoid bags that are too long or large, as well as women with full bodies should avoid using round bags.

How about the tips above? Has it helped you in considering which bag to choose to buy or wear? If not, you have to listen again to an explanation of the various types and models of bags according to their function.

1. Backpack Bag

This type of bag is often also referred to as a backpack. Suitable for those of you who like traveling or exploring cities or unique places.

Because with this bag, you can carry quite a lot of things. In addition, this bag is also quite comfortable to use because it has two straps that can be charged on the back. This bag is usually used for casual or non-formal events.

2. Sling Bag

For this type of bag, it is really suitable for those of you who don’t want to be complicated, because of its small size, but still fashionable, and easy to use when on the move.

This bag is capable of holding small items such as cellphones, wallets, and some make-up tools. This bag is usually worn slung over the shoulder.

3. Bucket Bag

This bag is not much different from a sling bag, it’s just that the shape is a little more varied, which is like a bag with a drawstring, this bag can be worn on the shoulder or can also be cross body. This type of bag is suitable for hanging out with friends.

4. Tote Bag

Well, this type of bag is quite often used lately by young people, because it looks fashionable and contemporary. Tote bags can be used during lectures or informal activities at the office. The size is large enough to accommodate various types of goods, such as books or groceries.

5. Clutch

This type can be an option to be used when attending a formal event, such as an invitation party, dinner with family or awarding night.

Shaped like a wallet and held in the hand. This type of bag will add to the impression of elegance and luxury, and looks classy. You can also choose colors such as gold, silver, and black to make it look more elegant.