The 11 best reusable grocery bags of 2021 for sustainable shopping

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If you had a nickel for every time you brought your own bag to the store, would you have a piggy bank full, or not so much? Or you can click here to buy some

With many states, including New York, enforcing the plastic bag ban and charging per bag, the smartest and most eco-friendly move to make is to start bringing your own to the store.

Not only will you save some pennies, but you’ll be doing the environment a favor, reducing the number of single-use plastic bags that end up in the oceans and landfills. Especially with COVID-19, just be sure to wash your reusable bag often and check with your store to see if they allow them in store. If not, no worries, as you can keep them in your car and load your cart from the parking lot, still avoiding plastic bags and abiding by your store’s policies.

Be it a cute printed tote or a more heavy-duty bag for larger grocery hauls, we have a list of our favorite Earth-approved bags for the grocery store, picnics and anywhere else you need a little help schlepping your stuff sans plastic.


Have a nice day and an easy time at the grocery store with this super cute reusable bag from Baggu.

This iconic smiley design is just one of many patterns you can get on a standard-sized Baggu bag. Look through some other cute prints like an “I Love New York” bag that we’re partial to, or an animal print bag, tie-dye and so many more. Keep an eye out for collaborations as well, with a Where’s Waldo and The Simpsons collections on the site right now while supplies last.


Feel fancy and French while carrying your brie and baguette home from the store in style.

From Food52, the Filt French Net Market Bag is a great option for sustainable grocery shopping, as well as a cute decorative bag to hang up in a front hall or kitchen. The bags are sold in a full rainbow of colors and come in two sizes; a set of two small bags for $48 or one large bag for $74.

Scout Bags

Hit up the self-checkout lane with your Scout Bagette market tote, now in an array of bright and summery patterns perfect for the store, and then hit the beach with a bag full of picnic-ready groceries. The woven material is durable enough for a full shop and easy to wipe clean after use.

Whether you call it a cart, a buggy, or a trolley, never need a bag at the store again with this organizer set from Lotus.

Sold on Amazon, this set of four does double duty when it comes time to grocery shop. First, load up your cart with the bags, perfect for separating frozen from produce and meats. Then when it’s time to go, grab the handles and convert the dividers into bags to easily load into your car and be on your way.

Free People

Free People is celebrating Earth Day every day with their Care FP collection, and this bag is one of the stars.

The Junes Bio-Knit Everyday Tote is really for every day, easily filled with groceries at the store, shopping essentials for the mall or a towel and a good book for the park or beach. The bag comes in four colors including the above pink, a pretty burnt orange, black and gold.