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How to Start a Shoe Store?

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For some, buying shoes is an obsession. No wonder huge shoe stores have reached whole commercial cities.

Fortunately, there is still an opportunity for small shoe businesses to thrive as long as owners stay up to date with the latest styles and fashions. 

Here are the recommendations of Nihaojewelry:

1.Determine what type of shoes your business will focus on 

  • sports or dress shoes for men
  • shoes or sneakers for women
  • children’s shoes or a mix. 

Decide the name of your shoe store based on the type of shoes you sell (for example, Lucy’s Kids Shoes). 

shoes in the boutique

2. Decide where and how to install the shoe store

It is best to open a shoe business in a shopping area around other clothing stores. Look for malls in high-traffic areas to see if they have or soon will have shops to rent. Tour the area to make sure there are no other shoe shops in the area before you close a deal; you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re constantly against another local shoe store for customers. Although we always say that the sun rises for everyone, it is a fact that the great prestigious shoe stores are in front of others, but if you are starting out, analyze these points.

3. Find a shoe vendor to provide you with a continuous supply of shoes

In this case we recommend you enter where you can always see the best selling shoe combinations.

We also recommend that you visit the wholesale shops in your area to explore their shoe inventory and negotiate a wholesale price. As a new customer, you may need to make an advance payment to shoe distributors and wholesalers, but make sure you have reasonable terms. Have the vendor send the items directly to your new store. 

4. Open a business account with the bank and purchase a credit card terminal and a cash register or point of sale to manage all transactions.

how to start a shoe store

5. Subcontract if you can, the design, planning and management of the suitability of your new premises for your shoe store.

Buy furniture and accessories, shoe displays, tables, and other shoe-related supplies to start setting up your new store. Place a display table right at the center front of the store for customers to see your best styles when they enter. Put the right and left walls with displays that do not exceed the average height of your customers. Place signs around the store that announce the price of your shoes. Take your time to decide where to put each shoe on display and organize the rest of your shoes in your backroom so you can easily access them to find sizes for your future customers. Place disposable stocking boxes and shoe size measuring rules at various points in the store. 

Like the cherry on the cake, hang the weatherproof sign (printed or neon) on the door of your shop with the name of your shoe store.

shoe store display

6. Set a great opening date for your shoe store and announce special offers on radio stations, local newspapers and of course with influencers and social media.

Some suggestions…

  • Control the latest fashion in footwear and get ahead, look for what may be popular.
  • When you sell women’s shoes, display size 5 on your dresser; many perceive it as the ideal shoe size for a woman. 
  • It’s better to spend more money on advertising first than on supplies. When starting your small shoe business, simply buy the minimum shoes you need to fill the shoe store; you can always ask for more when you have an idea of the demand for each style. Include a coupon in every printed ad you place to help attract people to your store. 
  • You can also open a shoe business online, but keep in mind that while selling shoes online allows you much more personal freedom as you can complete orders from home, sometimes it is difficult to sell shoes this way. Customers prefer to try on shoes before buying them. Keep in mind, it will always be better to have a shoe store that has an online store.

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