Fashion Tips for Papa Who Wants to Look Simple and Cool

How To Be A Fashionable Dad - Modern Men's Guide
Apart from women, men also have to maintain their appearance. In appearance, you don’t have to use expensive brands and prices. Of course, it is hoped that a man can always be maximal with simple but still stylish clothes .Simple does not mean not stylish. The key to creating a stylish outfit is actually being able to mix and match in the right way.
Choose clothing materials that provide comfort
For Papa who wants to look simple and cool, of course you need to pay attention to comfort when dressing. If the material used is not comfortable, it will definitely make Papa restless all day long.
Pay attention to the weather when choosing clothes, thin and cool clothes should be worn when it’s hot. But when the weather is cold, thick clothes can save Papa from the cold. Or you can use black-owned clothing brands
Wear clothes that fit the body
It is undeniable that the oversized trend is still in demand by men today. Meanwhile, men who wear clothes that fit the body will look neater and cooler. So you should choose clothes that fit Papa’s body. Don’t be too big or too small, okay?
In addition to superiors, Papa also has to pay attention to subordinates. It would be nice to wear pants that fit properly and don’t look small or big. Try choosing slim fit chinos or straight jeans.
Look simple with interesting clothing motifs
Nowadays, men’s fashion is an important part of the fashion world. When Papa wants to look simple and cool, try wearing a top with interesting motifs and textures.
Papa can use clothes with interesting motifs and textures such as polo shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters. Also, match it with other items such as striped moth, gingham, tartan, checkerboard or other simple graphics.