Diamond Peel Facial

Microdermabrasion, also called diamond peel facial, is a safe and effective method for approving the appearance of skin. This method also encourages natural skin renewal. Some different methods of facial are, mechanical abrasion from jets of zinc oxide or aluminum oxide crystals. Also consider fine organic particles if you want to stick to natural products. Dead skin and other particles are removed through a wand or a hand piece through which the abrasive particles are sprayed on the surface of the skin.

A diamond peel facial is an effective treatment with many benefits. This treatment can smooth out the texture of the skin. It can brighten up dull looking skin. The treatment can clean out the pores, reduce blemishes and reduce pore size. It can increase the regeneration and reproduction rate of your skin cells. It can also minimize the appearance of wrinkles and age lines.

The process is simple. Your skin is cleansed well. Then a diamond abrasive hand piece is combined with suction is moved over the skin in a crossing motion removing the dead skin cells and other impurities. After the impurities and dead skin has been removed, a vitamin mask is applied to the skin to help the skin recover moisture and nutrients for the new skin cells. After the facial you can expect to notice a slightly pink hue to your skin. Also, your skin might feel itchy. There may be flaking or peeling. You may even have a small pimple break out.

Diamond treatments are safe to have weekly for most people. Those with sensitive skin may want to limit their diamond peel facial treatment to once a month. It is recommended to have a series of six treatments to get the full effects of the diamond peel facial.

After the treatment you should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. If you have to be in the sun, you should apply a lotion of SPF 30 or more. You should avoid exfoliation treatments three days before and a full week after the diamond peel facial.

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