British flag invades cabinets and accessories

Closer to London: the British flag in the interior (Union Jack - 80 photos)

Closer to fashionism than patriotism, the British flag invades closets, furnishings and accessories , becoming ubiquitous this season. The Union Jack has achieved pride of place among the hottest trends with the help of style creators like Kate Moss.

No one disputes that the United States flag is one of the best known on the planet, but as a fashionista icon it is undoubtedly the British national flag that occupies the podium.

And there is no jacket, accessory or decorative object that escapes the tricolor design of this flag, the famous “Union Jack” , a trend that although it is not new, has gained strength this year.

Under the reign not of Elizabeth II, but of models like Agyness Deyn or designers like Vivienne Westwood , Chanel or Alexander McQueen , the British flag covers beds, handbags, jackets and even a version of the classic among classics: the Chanel 2.55 bag. .

Although, as in all trends, only a fine line separates the use of abuse and worship from satiety: for example, the way in which the ruthless website The Fashion Police referred to this fashion.


“We have noticed a real explosion of the Union Jack print. Seriously, it is as if the flag has thrown up everywhere,” they say on this page dedicated to viciously lashing out at the most flagrant violations in terms of style.

Who gets wrapped up in the Union Jack? Well, among others, the heiress among heiresses, Paris Hilton , who wears it in a wool hat version, and the model Agyness Deynn , who has worn the most British version of the aforementioned Chanel 2.55.

Also the most famous of the British models, Kate Moss , was seen a few months ago with a Gucci bag model “Union Jack”, a special edition launched by the Italian brand to celebrate the opening of its new flagship store in London.

Moss or Deynn are clear examples of how to glamorize a trend that, poorly combined, can take us back to the violence of British football fans, the infamous hooligans, Sid Vicious’s punk or the bizarre models worn by the Spice Girls, in special Geri Halliwell , at her most successful a decade ago.

The Topshop department store , another of the iconic stores in Great Britain, also does not leave a single season of reinventing the national flag and there is always some garment or accessory to place it on, and the same does Asos.


On T-shirts, jackets, scarves, evening dresses and even underwear we find this colorful flag, which also has its own version in ankle boots such as those from Browns Fashion and high heels, also from the Asos online store. You can buy confederate flag shirt in here, click for more information.

But if there is no garment that escapes the striped flag, what about the accessories! Beyond the bags and purses in dozens of different versions, the blue, red and white combination is found in the small jewels a fertile ground for its multiplication.

Thus, the British Lulu Guinness designed a hair clip in the shape of lips and with the enamelled Union Jack, the American firm Juicy Couture reinvents it in the form of a pendant and Anna Lou proposes a rigid bracelet.

And for those who are not enough to wear the British flag during the day, they can also wrap themselves in it at night thanks to the gigantic Union Jack conjugated as a quilt by the Urban Outfitters brand , or recline in the armchair on some Kimberley Dawn cushions that have the ensign as a central motive.

They can also warm their bed with a cotton pad covered in the flag and wear underwear with the tricolor print that Topshop offers under their pajamas .

Perhaps the antidote to such an overdose would be for a designer to bet on a new flag, as proposed by the Internet users who participate in The Fashion Police forum and who turn out to be true arbiters in stylistic matters.

“I would never look at something like this in a store, I would feel like a vulgar tourist,” says one assiduous to this forum, while another does not rule out this trend, although in small doses and more in accessories than in clothing.

Either way and despite the fact that detractors and defenders of this trend are more or less balanced on the scale, the truth is that a classic was never more current .