Beautiful Wedding Invitation Templates & How to Choose Guest to invite

49 Stylish Wedding Invitation Templates

Wedding events are always too complicated and troublesome, especially when determining the invited guests to be invited. How to select the guest for your wedding and reduce the list of special guests. It is ideal to deal with them with special gifts to remember the event. 

Every special moment, you are required to give a souvenir as a token of your gratitude to the invited guests. Like during recitation events, weddings, and even something special. Well, usually event organizers are a bit confused in choosing what souvenirs are useful and have value. The different things may be the specific invitations for each type of guest. It is very easy to design cards with the help of  wedding invitation templates. With the help of the templates it is very easy to design your own custom beautiful wedding card invitations.

The one amazing tip to make your wedding memorable is to choose souvenirs that are useful and have a useful value, but the right and suitable souvenir is a glass. This item has functions and uses and will definitely always be used by the recipient. You can also screen print this one souvenir to make it look more unique. By accenting the name of the pickle and other sayings.

1. Make a Guest List Invitation

Making a guest list is a must to better know who will be invited. Well, on this list, all you have to do is choose who is on the list of wedding invitees. If it is felt that there are some people who are not close to you and your partner, you can consider inviting them or not. It is very necessary and the best plan because it may affect your budget and all plannings.

2. Invitation Spread

In this case all you have to do is choose which guests will receive the wedding invitation physically and which will be given the invitation online . Disseminating invitations using online media also makes it very easy for you to cut the number of wedding invitees. Sometimes those who get online invitations are often unable to attend the event so just follow the trend of seal and send wedding invites.

3. Consider Inviting Unknown Guests

Well, things like this are often found in Indonesian culture, which is always inviting guests to unknown weddings. Like inviting friends of parents, siblings, brothers, or anyone from family members who have friends. You can discuss this with your family about this one thing, so that there are not too many invited guests.

4. Choose Between Workmates or Other Friends

Inviting office friends is certainly a must, because you always meet every day. For that, invite those who are close to you. If you don’t want to invite them, you should tell them why and give them a small gift or souvenir to thank them.

Those are effective tips, if you want to trim the invited guests so they don’t exceed the initial limit that has been designed. That way there is no need to add to the budget for guest problems at the wedding.