According to surveys, this is the gift dads want most

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Shopping to find gifts for children is certainly very fun and relatively easy, but getting gift for dad? I don’t think so. After asking 1,100 dads in America to find what they want on their holiday , there is an interesting find to give them as a gift. Generally, fathers on average want new experiences rather than material possessions.

Only a few items can be given as a token of appreciation to father. The following are memorable gifts that can be given to fathers on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, or commemorating Father’s Day:

  1. Give experience

The reason they prefer experiences over objects makes a lot of sense — dad wants to take a break from the routine of work. Of all the gift ideas in the survey – the most preferred is a vacation to a luxury resort. If you have money, it’s something that doesn’t take a lot of effort to make everyone smile (of course, you should bring everyone in the family with you).

Some fathers are also interested in adventure; Nearly a quarter surveyed chose surfing, hunting, or mountain and hill climbing tours as prizes. For a gift that doesn’t cost a lot of money, try visiting an amusement park — where 18 percent of dads voted for it.

  1. Send dad to a new place

Fathers want to go out to see a new place and hope that his wife helps them get there. The two most prominent ideas were to charter a week’s boat (40 percent of fathers chose this) and live in a cabin in the middle of the woods (30 percent chose this). If you don’t have a lot of money, you can choose camping, culinary tours and visiting family in other cities.

  1. The most appropriate thing for father

Going outside and seeing the world and its wildness is cool, but so is a 4K television. About 27 percent of fathers surveyed said they would love to receive a new television with the addition of a bluetooth speaker. Another equivalent alternative is a cool gadget.

When they don’t watch Game of Thrones, dads want to bake; 20 percent of respondents surveyed said they wanted a professional grill tool. Other stuff? A tent with hiking boots, to watches

  1. What don’t you want to get?

The survey also found some things to avoid giving to fathers. Where 61 percent of respondents indicated that clothing items such as shoes, clothes and jewelry did not need to be included in the gift list.

Even if they were offered a suit, tie, vest and shoes, only 3 percent of the respondents were interested — where they would prefer a television or even a multi-function item.

Homemade cards and a day off from “daddy duty” are classic gifts, but they’re not even that attractive. The fathers surveyed prefer to keep doing their responsibilities at home, have quality time with the children or get a little massage from their wives.