5 types of winter shoes to wear in Norway

What to Wear in Norway in Winter

The first thing you should know about when visiting another country, especially in winter, is the type of footwear that will suit you on the trip. As any vacation plan mainly includes discovering different places and getting to various spots, packing the appropriate kinds of shoes is essential for your trip to go smoothly, in the literal sense. Winters in Norway bring a lot of snow, which means it will cover the ground wherever you go. To easily tread through paths in the streets of Norway or hike up white mountains, wearing the appropriate shoes is a must. Protecting your feet from the highly chilly weather comes at the forefront while looking at winter shoes; hence, the following list will cater to this need.

  • Winter boots

These boots are designed to keep your feet warm and provide a grip that prevents you from slipping on icy surfaces. Walking on snow can be tricky if you are not wearing shoes that offer a firm footing. It is recommended to check out Online shop reviews in Norway before you go on a shopping spree. The reviews will help you find the best stores to shop from. Lastly, the UGG classic boots are ideal for everyday wear during dry winter, so you can buy them without any second thoughts.

  • Snowshoes

These shoes are additional gear to wear over your regular joggers. Snowshoes equip you with the features required to walk easily on snow. They are essential to buy if you are not used to hiking in the snow. For safety reasons, many people prefer snowshoes to ensure they get the most convenient experience. At the same time, the chances of slipping are reduced to a minimum when you wear these. Crescent moon snowshoes are the best ones in Norway.

  • Hiking boots

If you plan on hiking extensively up the Norwegian mountains, then it is imperative to choose good hiking boots. These shoes are specially designed to keep your feet from tiring on long trails. You should look for ones that offer good ankle support and grip. Wearing woolen socks can help you stay warm during those long hiking hours. Helly Hansen’s hiking boots are among the best shoes in Norway

  • Sneakers 

On days when the cold weather is going easy, and the snowfall takes a break, wearing your usual sneakers is fine. For taking a walk down the street or going for a cup of coffee at the nearby cafe, you can wear these regular shoes.


The winter season in Norway can get very cold, so it is essential to pack the appropriate types of shoes to enjoy all the activities out in the snow without worrying about slipping and hurting yourself. Shoes with sturdy soles are advised, and rubber soles are the ones that provide the firmest grip. So while buying any of the shoes mentioned above, keep in mind to ask about the material of the sole. While the rest of the clothing keeps you warm in snowy regions, shoes are the things that keep your feet planted on rugged and icy terrain. 

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